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Bayern Munich Star Reveals Toughest Opponent: A Chelsea Flop!

Joshua Kimmich Names Surprising Toughest Opponent

Bayern Munich's Joshua Kimmich has faced off against football legends Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe, but he revealed that his toughest opponent was a Chelsea flop.

Alvaro Morata Troubles Kimmich

Kimmich admitted that Alvaro Morata, who struggled at Chelsea, caused him the most problems on the field. Morata scored or assisted in every game against Kimmich, leaving a lasting impression.

Champions League Battles

The duo clashed in Champions League matches in 2016 while Morata was at Juventus, where he set up goals for his teammates and proved to be a formidable opponent for Kimmich.

World Cup Encounter

Their most recent meeting was during the 2022 World Cup group stage, where Morata scored against Kimmich in a 1-1 draw between Germany and Spain. Kimmich praised Morata's strength, speed, and technique as key factors in their battles.

Morata's Chelsea Stint

Despite struggling at Chelsea and eventually being sold to Atletico Madrid, Morata managed to leave a mark on Kimmich as his toughest adversary on the pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure my football boots are the right size?

The football boots you choose should fit snugly but not too tightly, to allow your foot some freedom of movement. If you want to prevent squeezing your toes in the boot while running or when kicking, leave about a half-thumb’s distance between the toes. It’s also imperative to consider the width of your feet and select a boot style that accommodates narrow or wide foot shapes. Always try on boots with football socks and lace them up fully to assess the fit accurately.

What is the best type of goalkeeper glove for grip and protection?

Gloves with latex palms offer the best grip in a variety of playing conditions. The latex density and thickness can be varied to balance grip with durability. Gloves featuring finger protection systems such as spines, stiffening or other materials can help to prevent hyperextension injuries. The gloves should fit comfortably and allow the goalkeepers perform at their peak.

Why are shin guards considered compulsory for football players?

Shin guards, which protect the lower legs against injury during collisions and tackles, are an essential piece of football equipment. They protect the shins against serious injuries, such as fractures or severe bruises. To promote safety, the governing body of football requires players to wear shin guards.

Can I wear athletic clothing or only football gear?

The clothing for football is different from other athletic wear. This is because it is specifically designed to enhance comfort and performance on the field. Jerseys and pants are typically made with lightweight, breathable material that allows for maximum airflow. This helps to reduce sweating and overheating. Fit is tailored to allow for a full range motion. This can help improve agility and reaction times.

Can the socks a footballer wear affect their performance?

Absolutely. Football socks protect and support the player’s foot during intense play. The socks help to keep the shinguards on, they reduce friction which prevents blisters and they cushion the foot. Good football socks will improve a players comfort which will in turn affect their performance.


  • Compression garments are used by about 50% of professional football players during training sessions for muscle support and injury prevention.
  • Research has indicated that around 60% of football-related ankle injuries could be mitigated with the correct choice of footwear.
  • Data shows that thermo-bonded footballs, known for their consistent performance, are preferred by 65% of professional football clubs for matches.
  • Goalkeeper gloves with advanced grip technology have been adopted by 85% of professional goalkeepers in top leagues around the world.
  • Over 90% of professional football players wear boots with synthetic uppers for better performance and durability.

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How to choose the right protective gear for football

Critical to any football player’s equipment bag is the protective gear. Assess each piece for comfort, safety, and compatibility with the player’s position. Mouthguards are non-negotiable for protecting teeth and reducing concussion risks. Padded undergarments can provide extra cushioning for goalkeepers or players at higher risk of contact. Arm and leg sleeves can offer compression benefits and minor abrasion protection. All equipment must meet safety standards for the league and be certified.