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Burnley Fans Evacuated Mid-Match Due to Safety Concerns

, Burnley Fans Evacuated Mid-Match Due to Safety Concerns

What Happened?

During a Premier League match between Burnley and Wolves at Turf Moor, hundreds of Burnley fans were evacuated from a stand after a piece of metal was spotted hanging from the roof.

The Evacuation

Fans were escorted out of the Jimmy McIlory stand in the middle of the game due to safety concerns with the stadium roof. They were then moved to watch the rest of the game outside in the Fan Zone.

Club's Response

Burnley FC tweeted that fans were being relocated due to safety concerns and thanked them for their cooperation and patience during the evacuation process.

Current Situation

Reports indicated that there was metal hanging dangerously from the roof, prompting the evacuation of the affected section of the stand. Fans who were in those seats were invited to watch the game from the Fan Zone.

, Burnley Fans Evacuated Mid-Match Due to Safety Concerns

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