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Premier League

Chelsea Legend John Terry Accused of Manipulating Referees, According to Peter Crouch’s Claims

Pre-Match Tactics

Peter Crouch, former England and Liverpool striker, has made shocking revelations about John Terry's tactics to manipulate Premier League referees during his playing days. Crouch alleges that Terry used crafty pre-match strategies to get on the good side of top-level officials, allowing him to avoid bookings and red cards on the pitch.

Influencing Referees

Crouch recalls how Terry would address referees by their first names and inquire about their families before matches, effectively disarming them and building a rapport. This led to some referees hesitating to caution Terry for infringements or bad tackles during intense moments of the game.

Disgusting Behavior

Crouch expressed his disgust at Terry's approach, describing it as "disgusting" and accusing the former Chelsea captain of crawling around the referees. The striker noted that Terry's actions made referees think twice about booking him, creating an unfair advantage during matches.

Pranking Diego Costa

In another revelation, it was revealed that Terry and his Chelsea teammates played a prank on Diego Costa, tricking him into making X-rated comments to a Premier League referee. Costa, who had limited knowledge of English at the time, was told that the word for "sorry" was actually a derogatory term. The prank almost resulted in Costa being sent off during a match.

In an unrelated episode of the podcast, Crouch interviewed his ex-Liverpool teammate Steven Gerrard and shared stories with Patrice Evra about their experiences with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Unusual Lunch Date

Patrice Evra, the retired former France and Manchester United left-back, recounted a bizarre lunch experience with Cristiano Ronaldo. Evra anticipated a proper meal after a hard training session but was served only salad, plain chicken, and water. Ronaldo then invited Evra to play football and swim in his garden before suggesting they go to the sauna. Not impressed with the experience, Evra jokingly stated that he wouldn't return to Ronaldo's house unless he treated him like a king.

Ronaldo's Vanity

In a separate anecdote, Crouch revealed that an unnamed England player teased Ronaldo in the Manchester United dressing room, claiming that Messi was better. Ronaldo responded by saying, 'But Messi doesn't look like this!' while looking at himself in the mirror.

Stay tuned for more thrilling anecdotes from Crouch and his guests on the Back of the Net show!

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