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Chelsea on the Hunt for Mauricio Pochettino Replacement

Chelsea's Search for a New Manager

Chelsea is reportedly considering potential replacements for Mauricio Pochettino following their recent defeat in the Carabao Cup final against Liverpool. The club's owner, Todd Boehly, has his eyes set on Sporting Lisbon boss Ruben Amorim as a top candidate.

Struggles on the Field

Despite splurging £1 billion since his 2022 takeover, Chelsea has yet to secure a major trophy under Boehly's leadership. With three managers already replaced, Pochettino could be the next one on the chopping block as the team continues to underperform.

Potential Replacement: Ruben Amorim

Ruben Amorim, the manager of Sporting Lisbon, is among the top contenders to take over if Pochettino is ousted. Amorim's successful stint with the Portuguese side has caught the attention of Chelsea's management as they seek a change in leadership.

Season Struggles

Chelsea's disappointing season, marked by a significant gap from a top-four finish and a loss in the Carabao Cup final, has left fans and management alike seeking improvements. The upcoming FA Cup match against Leeds holds significant weight for the team's future.

Pochettino's Future

With Pochettino's ties to Spurs causing tension among Chelsea supporters and a lack of silverware under his tenure, the pressure mounts for the manager. His call for the team to "feel the pain" after their recent defeat reflects the challenges ahead for Chelsea.

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How to choose the perfect football for your game

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