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Dele Alli Undergoes Surgery Again After Ten-Month Absence

, Dele Alli Undergoes Surgery Again After Ten-Month Absence

Another Injury Blow for Dele Alli

Dele Alli, the Everton star, has been dealt another blow as he is forced to undergo surgery again following a ten-month absence due to injury. Alli sustained a groin injury while on loan at Besiktas last March and has been out of action since.

No Return Timeframe

There is currently no timeframe for Alli's return as he recovers from surgery, according to Everton manager Sean Dyche. The midfielder returned to the Toffees in the summer but has not made an appearance for the club this season.

Positive Signs Before Setback

Alli had been making progress in his recovery and was back training on grass, as reported by Dyche in December. However, the latest setback means the 27-year-old will have to wait longer to return to the pitch.

Loan Stint in Turkey

Alli had a loan spell at Besiktas, where he made 15 appearances and scored three goals. He then returned to Everton, where he has played 13 times since joining from Tottenham in January 2022.

Contract Expires this Season

Alli's contract at Goodison Park is set to expire at the end of this season. It remains to be seen how his injury and surgery will impact his future with the club.

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