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Premier League

Didier Drogba left stunned after being confronted by YouTuber about ‘breaking his heart’

Chelsea legend's Arsenal record

Didier Drogba looked stunned and shouted "whaaat?" at a YouTuber after being confronted about "breaking his heart." The Ivorian icon scored 164 goals during his time at Chelsea, leading the team to numerous titles, including the Champions League.

Confrontation with YouTuber

During a social media charity match, YouTuber Sharky asked Drogba about his success against Arsenal, to which Drogba amusingly responded, revealing his past allegiance to the Gunners.

London rivalry

Explaining his competitive spirit against Arsenal, Drogba highlighted the rivalry for London and proudly declared, "London is blue!"

Fans' reactions

The interaction between Drogba and Sharky delighted fans, with many expressing their admiration for the Chelsea legend and the playful exchange that took place.

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