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Premier League

Fans left baffled as Burnley star booked for timewasting after just 25 seconds

Quick Yellow Card

Fans were left scratching their heads as Burnley's Dara O'Shea received a yellow card for timewasting a mere 27 seconds into the game against Bournemouth.

Early Controversy

O'Shea, playing alongside Maxime Esteve, found himself in hot water right from the start by attempting to disrupt a throw-in by Dominic Solanke.

Immediate Backlash

Viewers were quick to criticize O'Shea's actions, with one fan dubbing it the "stupidest yellow ever seen," while another questioned the defender's decision-making.

Fastest Yellow Cards

This incident marked the quickest yellow card of the Premier League season so far, surpassing the record set by Ashley Young and ranking among the top five fastest bookings since 2006-07.

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