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Premier League

Fans Love Didier Drogba’s Hilarious Response to Awkward Question

Match for Hope Banter

Fans were delighted by Didier Drogba's quick wit when faced with an awkward question from IShowSpeed at the Match for Hope in Qatar.

Charity Match Shenanigans

The charity game featured football legends like Drogba, David Villa, Eden Hazard, and Roberto Carlos, where IShowSpeed, aka Darren Watkins Jr, met Drogba for a post-game chat.

Original vs. Copy: Drogba's Clever Comeback

When asked if he was Paul Pogba's dad, Drogba humorously replied, "No no, I am the original, he is the copy. That is my brother," leaving fans in stitches.

Fans React to Drogba's Humor

Social media erupted with praise for Drogba's response, with fans calling it hilarious and expressing their love for the former Chelsea striker.

IShowSpeed's Chaotic Moments

IShowSpeed's antics at the game included kissing Roberto Carlos' head for luck, discussing tactics with Arsene Wenger, and a questionable challenge on Kaka that earned him a yellow card.

Missed Opportunities

Despite his on-field charisma, IShowSpeed's performance took a hit when he missed an open goal after a setup from Eden Hazard, much to the disappointment of fans.

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Shin guards should be a part of every footballer’s equipment as they protect the lower legs from injury when tackles or collisions occur. These guards help protect the shins, preventing serious injuries such as severe bruising or fractures. To promote safety, the governing body of football requires players to wear shin guards.

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How to choose the right protective gear for football

Protective gear is an essential part of any football player’s kit bag. Each piece should be evaluated for its comfort, safety and compatibility to the position of the player. Mouthguards protect teeth from injury and reduce the risk of concussion. Underwear with extra padding is ideal for goalkeepers, or those at greater risk of being hit. Sleeves can help with compression and provide minor abrasion resistance. All equipment must meet safety standards for the league and be certified.