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Gabriel & William Saliba now among top five Dream Team defenders – Arsenal’s set-piece threat a game-changer

, Gabriel & William Saliba now among top five Dream Team defenders – Arsenal’s set-piece threat a game-changer

Arsenal's dominant win over West Ham showcased their prowess in set-pieces, with Gabriel and William Saliba leading the charge. Both defenders are now among the top five assets in their position, making them must-have picks for Dream Team managers.

Arsenal's set-piece supremacy

Arsenal's 6-0 victory over West Ham highlighted their strength in set-pieces. William Saliba started the scoring with a header from a corner, followed by Gabriel's goal from a wide free-kick. In just 12 minutes, Arsenal scored three set-piece goals, leaving the Hammers comprehensively outmatched.

Arsenal's defensive transformation

Under Mikel Arteta, Arsenal have transformed from a team known for nimble, technical football to one with a solid defensive backbone. They have conceded the fewest goals in the Premier League and their impressive expected goals against numbers indicate their effectiveness in restricting opponents. With their strength in set-pieces added to the mix, the Gunners are now a force to be reckoned with.

Gabriel and Saliba shine

Gabriel and Saliba's performances against West Ham have catapulted them to the top of Dream Team's defenders. Gabriel scored 15 points while Saliba pocketed 14, making them the best-performing defenders of Gameweek 23. Both players are now among the top five defenders in terms of total season points, showcasing their consistent contributions.

, Gabriel & William Saliba now among top five Dream Team defenders – Arsenal’s set-piece threat a game-changer

Next fixtures and potential returns

Arsenal's upcoming fixtures present an opportunity for Dream Team managers to capitalize on Gabriel and Saliba's form. The Gunners face Burnley, who have struggled since their promotion, followed by a Champions League clash against Porto. With Arsenal's defensive record and the potential for clean sheets, managers can expect massive returns from these defenders. Additionally, Arsenal is one of three teams with two fixtures in Gameweek 24, making their top performers popular picks.

Dream Team's top defenders 2023/24

  1. Kieran Trippier – 191 pts
  2. Trent Alexander-Arnold – 179 pts
  3. Pedro Porro – 158 pts
  4. Gabriel – 150 pts
  5. William Saliba – 144 pts

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