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Premier League

Howard Webb Blocks Premier League Manager’s Calls After Controversial Decision

Soccer Football - Premier League - Wolverhampton Wanderers v West Ham United - Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton, Britain - April 6, 2024 Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Gary O'Neil reacts REUTERS/Molly Darlington NO USE WITH UNAUTHORIZED AUDIO, VIDEO, DATA, FIXTURE LISTS, CLUB/LEAGUE LOGOS OR 'LIVE' SERVICES. ONLINE IN-MATCH USE LIMITED TO 45 IMAGES, NO VIDEO EMULATION. NO USE IN BETTING, GAMES OR SINGLE CLUB/LEAGUE/PLAYER PUBLICATIONS.

What Happened?

Following Wolves' defeat to West Ham, Gary O'Neil joked about Howard Webb blocking his calls. The game saw a late disallowed goal that left O'Neil furious.

The Controversial Decision

A 99th-minute goal by Max Kilman was disallowed for offside, with substitute Tawanda Chirewa judged to be impeding the goalkeeper. VAR advised the referee to overturn the decision, leading to O'Neil's outburst post-match.

FA Charge for Improper Conduct

O'Neil faces a charge from the FA for his behavior towards referee Tony Harrington, whom he criticized for possibly the worst decision he's ever seen. Despite this, O'Neil maintains a good relationship with Howard Webb.

VAR Frustrations

O'Neil highlights a "disconnect" between VAR decisions and people's expectations, expressing disappointment with the season's VAR outcomes. While there have been some good calls, there is a collective desire for VAR standards to improve.

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