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Premier League

John Terry reveals secret to Chelsea success as mysterious bike in dressing room kept Drogba scoring

JOHN TERRY revealed a mystery bike in the Chelsea dressing room was the crucial secret to Didier Drogba’s goalscoring.

The Ivorian striker played a huge part in the Blues’ success with his 164 goals across two spells at Stamford Bridge.

John Terry revealed some of the secrets to Chelsea’s success

Didier Drogba scored his fair share of important goals for Chelsea

That included the iconic header in the 2012 Champions League final as the West London giants were crowned Kings of Europe.

But his former skipper and team-mate Terry revealed the bicycle got the wheels going for Drogba and Chelsea.

Playing a version of Guess Who with Claude Makelele, the duo got chatting about superstitious players – and the tale of the pedals came to mind.

JT said: “So out of nowhere this bike just appeared in the dressing room.

“Didier starts scoring, we keep winning and nobody could touch this bike.

“No one knows where it came from.

“It might still be there, I don’t know!”

Terry had plenty of his own superstitions during his illustrious playing career – adding more and more on winning streaks.


He revealed he would use the same urinal, avoid touching any footballs in the changing rooms and count lamp posts.

Prankster JT even hated seeing the colour red on matchdays because of the rivalries with Arsenal and Manchester United.

In Terry’s game with Makelele, Mason Mount dialled in and revealed neither he nor Kai Havertz are ever late to training – but hinted goalkeeper Edouard Mendy struggles with his timekeeping.

Ex-captain Terry is back at Chelsea in a consultancy role with the academy.

But he is eyeing a return to the top of the game by signing up for a Fifa diploma for club executives.

Drogba and Terry won four Premier League titles together