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Liverpool boss Klopp breaks down in tears after video of NHS staff singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in hospital

JURGEN KLOPP was left in tears by a heartwarming video of NHS staff singing Liverpool’s You’ll Never Walk Alone anthem during the coronavirus pandemic.

Healthcare workers have been lauded for their tireless efforts to fight the outbreak across the country.

Klopp paid an emotional tribute to the country’s heroic health workers

And, while on lockdown during the suspension of football, a clip of staff singing the Reds’ famous anthem reduced the coach to tears.

Klopp told the club website: “It’s extraordinary, it’s great.

“I think yesterday I was sent a video of people in the hospital just outside the intensive care area and when they started singing You’ll Never Walk Alone I started crying immediately.

“It’s unbelievable. But it shows everything, these people not only work but they have such a good spirit.

“They are used to helping other people, we need to get used to it because usually we have our own problems and stuff. But it’s their job, they do it day in and day out.

“They bring themselves, if you want, in danger because they help ill, sick and seriously handicapped people, so I couldn’t admire them more and appreciate it more, I really couldn’t.”

The latest figures revealed 578 coronavirus patients had died of the disease, with 11,658 confirmed cases – 72 of which are in Liverpool.

There are fears the city could become an outbreak epicentre after 3,000 Atletico Madrid fans visited the city on March 11 for a Champions League tie.

The same week’s clash between Valencia and Atalanta has been described as a biological timebomb that could have infected 40,000 people – leading to large outbreaks in the Spanish city and Bergamo.

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