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Premier League

Man City Star Rodri Smashes 16-Year Premier League Record in Derby Win Against Man Utd

Rodri Makes History

Manchester City's Rodri helped secure victory over rivals United while breaking a Premier League record in the process. The midfielder played the full 90 minutes in the derby, where goals from Phil Foden and Erling Haaland sealed the win after Marcus Rashford's opener.

Unbeaten Streak

Since City's loss to Tottenham in February 2023, Rodri has not tasted defeat in 58 club games. His presence on the pitch has been crucial, with City losing all three domestic matches he missed after being sent off against Nottingham Forest in September.

New Record Set

With City's recent victory over Bournemouth, Rodri surpassed ex-Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho's 58-game unbeaten streak set over 16 years ago. Rodri's unbeaten run now stands at 59 matches, solidifying his place in Premier League history.

Praise for Foden

Despite Rodri's record-breaking achievement, praise was directed towards team-mate Phil Foden. United legend Gary Neville commended Foden's composure in derby matches, highlighting the young talent's importance to the team.

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How to choose the perfect football for your game

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