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Man Utd star Cristiano Ronaldo is a ‘machine’ and will play until 42 thanks to amazing work ethic, predicts Usain Bolt

USAIN BOLT predicts “machine” Cristiano Ronaldo will play until he is 42.

The world’s fastest ever man believes Manchester United‘s returning hero can have one of football’s longest ever careers.

Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for a strict health and fitness regime that Usain Bolt believes can keep him playing for six more years
Sprint legend Usain Bolt is thrilled by Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford

United fan Bolt claims Ronaldo, 36, is “on a different level” to even far younger players due to his dedication and fitness regime.

Jamaica’s eight-time Olympic gold medallist, 35, told BBC Sport: “It’s a massive deal to see him back.

“Cristiano demands a lot, so he will demand a lot from these players and it will only make them better. 

“He’s on a different level, he is a machine.

“I think he will play until he’s 42 because he will always be so fit and on a higher level to a lot of the younger players because of the work he puts in and the dedication he has.”

Ronaldo says he is “looking forward to starting” at home to Newcastle on Saturday for his second United debut.

And so the Portugal legend admits he is putting “pressure” on boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer not to ease him in from the bench.

Ron’s remorseless drive on the pitch is matched by his relentless routine off it.


The former Juventus and Real Madrid attacker tipped himself in 2018 to carry on until he was 41, adding: “Right now I have a biological age of 23.”

And on top of his gym work, Pilates and swimming, he now has a £50,000 Cryotherapy chamber to aid recovery.

Ronaldo eats up to six meals a day, often fish based.

And apart from eight hours’ sleep a night he naps up to five times a day.

Ron is also a huge believer in mental health helping overall well-being.

So he always ensures quality time with partner Georgina Rodriguez and his four children.

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