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Man Utd wonderkid could leave Old Trafford over broken promise in summer transfer

, Man Utd wonderkid could leave Old Trafford over broken promise in summer transfer

Manchester United's young talent, Facundo Pellistri, may be on his way out of Old Trafford this summer due to a reported broken promise, according to recent updates.

Pellistri's potential exit

Facundo Pellistri, the 22-year-old Uruguayan playmaker, joined Manchester United from Penarol in October 2020 but has struggled to secure a consistent spot in the team. With only 24 appearances and two assists to his name, Pellistri is eyeing a permanent move away from the club.

Disappointment over broken promises

Despite being assured a first-team spot upon his arrival at Man Utd four years ago, Pellistri has faced challenges in getting consistent playing time. His recent loan spell at Granada in Spain has reignited his desire for a permanent transfer away from Old Trafford.

Agent's criticism

In February, Pellistri's agent, Edgardo Lasalvia, criticized manager Erik ten Hag for not utilizing the young talent effectively. The player's future at Manchester United seems uncertain, with a potential move in the cards.

, Man Utd wonderkid could leave Old Trafford over broken promise in summer transfer

Looking ahead

Pellistri's impressive performances during his loan spell at Granada have attracted attention, and he will be aiming to secure a summer transfer to continue his development elsewhere.

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