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Man Utd’s Chances of Champions League Spot Revealed After Vital Win over Aston Villa

, Man Utd’s Chances of Champions League Spot Revealed After Vital Win over Aston Villa

Manchester United's hopes of securing a Champions League qualification spot received a much-needed boost with their recent victory over Aston Villa. However, the odds are still stacked against them.

United's Boosted Chances

Goals from Rasmus Hojlund and Scott McTominay helped United secure a crucial win over Villa, their closest Champions League rivals.

While United's victory has improved their chances, Unai Emery's side still holds the upper hand in the race for a Champions League spot. They currently sit five points ahead of United and are determined to finish in the top four after slipping behind Tottenham in the Premier League standings.

Opta's Supercomputer Prediction

According to Opta's supercomputer, United has been given just a five per cent chance of finishing in the top four. However, this season there is a possibility that the Premier League will be granted an additional Champions League qualification spot for the fifth-place team. This increases United's chances to 21.3 per cent of securing a spot in the prestigious tournament.

, Man Utd’s Chances of Champions League Spot Revealed After Vital Win over Aston Villa

Despite the improved odds, United still trails behind Villa and the other teams above them in the table. Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal are almost certain to secure Champions League football next season, while Tottenham has been given an 87 per cent chance of qualifying. Villa closely follows with a 76.4 per cent chance, making it unlikely for Erik ten Hag's side to repeat their success of last year when United finished fourth.

, Man Utd’s Chances of Champions League Spot Revealed After Vital Win over Aston Villa

Although Villa's form has improved recently after a string of nine Premier League losses, teams like Newcastle, West Ham, and Brighton face slim chances of finishing in the top five. Chelsea, on the other hand, is expected to miss out again with only a 0.5 per cent chance of qualifying for the Champions League.

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