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Matt Le Tissier Reveals Most Annoying Arsenal Invincible Defender

, Matt Le Tissier Reveals Most Annoying Arsenal Invincible Defender

Pinching and Provocations

Matt Le Tissier has opened up about his experiences playing against a former Arsenal star who he found to be the most irritating defender on the pitch. The retired Southampton legend shared that this particular ex-Gunner would go to great lengths to disrupt his game.

Meet Martin Keown

Le Tissier identified Martin Keown as the man who would constantly get under his skin during their encounters on the field. Despite Le Tissier's reputation for scoring spectacular goals, Keown made sure to ruffle his feathers and prevent him from playing his usual style of football.

On-Field Antics

According to Le Tissier, Keown would engage in unsportsmanlike behavior such as pinching him, standing on his toes with his studs, and provoking physical altercations even when the ball was far away. Their matches often turned into heated battles rather than friendly competitions.

Verbal Exchanges

Le Tissier revealed that conversations between him and Keown were far from civil. Instead of exchanging pleasantries, the two players would only communicate to hurl insults at each other during games. This hostile dynamic led to both of them receiving yellow cards due to their continuous clashes on the pitch.

, Matt Le Tissier Reveals Most Annoying Arsenal Invincible Defender

Keown's Notorious Reputation

Martin Keown was known for his aggressive playing style and his willingness to get physical with opponents. Throughout his career in the Premier League, Keown received six red cards, showcasing his combative nature on the field. One of his most infamous incidents involved a confrontation with Ruud van Nistelrooy during the battle of Old Trafford in 2003.

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