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Premier League

Nottingham Forest Fans Baffled by ‘E’ Mystery on Seats at City Ground

Deliberate Design or Grammar Error?

Eagle-eyed fans were left puzzled by what seemed like an error on Nottingham Forest's seats at the City Ground. The lowercase 'e' in the word 'Forest' on the Brian Clough Stand had many supporters scratching their heads. However, it has now been revealed that this was a deliberate design choice.

Unique Badge Design

The smaller 'e' on the seats mirrors the club's badge, where the word 'Forest' also features a lowercase 'e' alongside uppercase letters. This design quirk dates back to 1973 when fan and calligrapher David Lewis won a competition to create a new badge for the club.

Designer's Explanation

David Lewis explained that the lowercase 'e' was chosen to make the word 'Forest' distinctive and individual, linking it closely with the badge design. He wanted to create a more personal and unique feel for the football club, rather than a generic corporate look.

Points Deduction Drama

Nottingham Forest made headlines recently for receiving a four-point deduction for breaching Profit and Sustainability Rules, leaving them in the relegation zone. The table could see further changes as Everton faces a possible second PSR charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Premier League determine its winner?

The Premier League’s winner is the club that accumulates the greatest number of points during the season of 38 games. Three points are awarded for each win, while one point is given for a tie and none for a defeat. In the event of teams finishing the season with the same number of points, the champion is determined by goal difference, and if necessary, the number of goals scored. If there is still a tie, the winner may be decided by a playoff, which can take place at a neutral location. This scenario, however, has never happened in Premier League history.

Can you explain what the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ are?

The ‘Big Six’ refers to a group of the Premier League’s most successful and influential clubs in recent times. Manchester United and Manchester City are often included in the list. Other clubs include Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. These teams are known as having a strong fan base with a lot of money, for their high-level performances, and for qualifying frequently for European tournaments like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Cup.

What community initiatives does Premier League support and promote?

The Premier League provides support for a broad range of community-based initiatives designed to improve the lives of people through football. These efforts include education, sports and development programs aimed at young people. Promoting the inclusion of groups underrepresented in football and supporting projects using football as a means to promote positive social changes are also included. Premier League has a global reach that allows it to have a positive impact in and outside the UK. It emphasizes football’s capacity to contribute to society’s well-being.

How does the Premier League impact the English national team?

The Premier League contributes significantly to the development of English talent in football. The Premier League produces many players who are chosen for the English National Team, bringing their experience and skills to international competitions. It is believed that the competitive nature of the league and the high quality of its players benefit the national squad. There is debate, however, about the number of players from abroad in the Premier League and whether it has an impact on the chances for English players to play regularly first-team football.

What is Premier League?

The Premier League is England’s top football league and one of its most popular and competitive leagues. It is contested between 20 teams. The English Football League (EFL) operates a system for promotion and relegation. Each team plays 38 home and away matches per season. The season usually runs from August to may. The Premier League is known for its high-quality football, international array of star players, and significant global following.


  • Petr Čech set a remarkable defensive record during the 2004-2005 season with 24 clean sheets, the most by a goalkeeper in a single Premier League season.
  • The 2018–19 season saw Manchester City accumulate a staggering 100 points, setting the record for the highest total in Premier League history.
  • Ryan Giggs holds the distinction of scoring in 21 consecutive Premier League seasons, marking consistency seldom seen in such a demanding league.
  • Durability is exemplified by Gareth Barry who made an impressive 653 Premier League appearances, the highest number to date.
  • The record for the most goals scored in a single Premier League season by a player is 32, achieved by Mohamed Salah during the 2017-2018 campaign.

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How To Support Your Premier League Team Abroad

To support your Premier League club from abroad, you must join the global fan group. Most clubs offer international supporter groups that you can become a member of. Connect with the team on social networks and with other fans to stay informed about news and events. You can also sign up for your team’s streaming services if they are available. They often offer exclusive content or live match coverage. Find local bars or fan clubs where other fans gather to share a matchday experience.