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Premier League

Piers Morgan Praised Declan Rice as Arsenal’s Best Signing Since Dennis Bergkamp

Piers Morgan's High Praise

Piers Morgan, a diehard Arsenal fan, has hailed Declan Rice as the "best signing" the club has made since Dennis Bergkamp over two decades ago. He commended Mikel Arteta for bringing in the talented midfielder from West Ham for £100 million last summer.

Declan Rice Making an Impact

Since joining Arsenal, Declan Rice has emerged as a key player in Arteta's squad, with Piers Morgan highlighting his significant contribution. The Gunners are set to face Sheffield United, aiming to continue their success with Rice leading the charge.

Rice's Performance and Potential

With 36 appearances for Arsenal, Rice has elevated the team's performance, scoring four goals and providing five assists this season. His exceptional play has even earned him a nomination for The Best FIFA Men’s Player award, showcasing his impact on both club and country.

Future Success for Arsenal

As Arsenal sets its sights on Premier League and Champions League titles, the addition of Rice has bolstered their chances for silverware. With his winning mentality and skill on the field, Rice could follow in the footsteps of Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp and lead the Gunners to glory.

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