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Beloved UK Stadium to be Demolished for New Development

Peterborough Panthers Speedway Closes After 50 Years

The East of England Showground, home of the British speedway team the Peterborough Panthers, has officially closed its doors after 50 years of racing. The closure comes as the land is set to be redeveloped into a new residential and leisure complex.

Demolition for Newbuild Homes, Leisure Centre, and Hotel

The much-loved stadium will be demolished to make way for a new development project. The site will feature 1,500 newbuild homes, a leisure centre, and a hotel, providing a fresh look and new amenities for the area.

Club Owners and Fans Express Disappointment

Peterborough Panthers owner Keith Chapman expressed his sadness over the closure, stating that it was a "sad night" for the club. Fans of the speedway are also distraught, calling the demolition "sacrilege" and a "disgrace," as the stadium has brought in thousands of fans to the town.

Objections and Negotiations for Alternative Solutions

Sport England has submitted an official objection to the redevelopment plans and is in talks with Chapman to potentially buy the club. Other locals have also voiced their objections, citing the economic benefits and publicity the speedway has brought to the city. Despite the closure, the Panthers are actively searching for a new home for the 2024 season.

Site Operator Explains Charitable Aims

The site's operator, the Asset Earning Power Group, has clarified that the closure was not unexpected and that there was never a long-term commitment to continue speedway at the Showground. The East of England Agricultural Society, which owns the land, is selling it to meet its charitable aims.

Pushback from Locals

Many locals are disappointed with the decision to demolish the stadium, as it has brought visitors and attention to the area. Petitioners argue that building more houses on the land is sacrilege and will result in the loss of a major entertainment venue in the city.

Overall, the closure of the Peterborough Panthers Speedway marks the end of an era for the beloved stadium. As plans for the new development move forward, the future of the speedway and its dedicated fanbase remains uncertain.

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