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Formula 1

Drive to Survive and F1 Legend Guenther Steiner Sacked by Haas F1 Team

Popular Figure in the Paddock

Guenther Steiner, the 58-year-old boss of the Haas F1 team, has been unexpectedly sacked. Steiner gained fame through his appearances on the popular Netflix series Drive to Survive and was known for his colorful language.

New Team Principal Announced

Ayao Komatsu, previously the Director of Engineering, has been promoted to replace Steiner as the new team principal. Komatsu brings 20 years of F1 experience to the role and will be tasked with leading the team forward.

Disappointing Performance

The decision to sack Steiner comes after the team finished last in the constructors' championship last season. Owner Gene Haas has expressed frustration with the lack of progress and hopes that Komatsu's appointment will lead to improved on-track performances.

Looking Forward to the Future

Steiner's departure comes just before the start of the new F1 season in Bahrain. Haas F1 founder and chairman Gene Haas expressed his gratitude to Steiner for his hard work and emphasized the need for the team to maximize their potential and compete properly in F1.

A New Era for Haas F1 Team

Ayao Komatsu is excited about his new role as team principal and is determined to improve the team's performance. He acknowledges the frustration of not being competitive enough and aims to build a structure that will deliver better on-track results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do drivers qualify for a Formula 1 race?

The Formula 1 qualifiers are selected by a knockout process the day before a race. It is split into three parts – Q1,Q2,and Q3. In the first round, all drivers will compete. Five of the slowest cars in each class are eliminated. The next 15 move onto Q2, from which another five are eliminated. The top 10 drivers then move onto Q3, where they will compete for pole position and to determine the order of the first 10 positions in the grid.

How do you determine the Formula 1 world championship?

The Formula 1 World Champion’s title is determined by points collected throughout the season. Drivers receive points for their Grand Prix finishes. The higher the position, the more points they earn. The World Champion for the year is determined by the driver who scored the most points. Constructors Championship is also decided by adding the points of each team’s driver.

What is DRS in Formula 1, and how does it work?

Drag Reduction System is a Formula 1 device that facilitates overtaking. It works by reducing aerodynamic drag when activated, allowing a trailing car to gain a temporary speed advantage. DRS can be used only in predetermined zones and when the car in front is within 1 second at certain detection points.

How is the safety of Formula 1 drivers ensured?

Formula 1 cars come with advanced safety features designed to protect the driver. They include a strong monocoque made of carbon fiber, the Halo system for cockpit protection, energy-absorbing crash structure, and advanced technology in helmets. Each component undergoes rigorous testing and conforms to strict safety standards, set by FIA.

Can Formula 1 teams run their cars all year round?

Formula 1 teams may not test their cars at any time. The FIA has regulated pre-season, in-season, and restricted testing sessions. The FIA has set these limitations to keep costs down and ensure a level playing ground. Teams are therefore required to make the most of the limited test opportunities available in order prepare their cars and collect data for the races that lie ahead.


  • As of the end of the 2022 season, Formula 1 races have been held in 34 different countries around the world.
  • The highest number of cars to start a Formula 1 race was 34 at the 1953 German Grand Prix.
  • The Italian Grand Prix at Monza is known as the ‘Temple of Speed’, which has the highest average speed of any circuit on the current Formula 1 calendar.
  • Jenson Button accomplished the greatest number of overtakes in a single race, with a total of 26 during the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix.
  • As of the latest season, Mercedes AMG Petronas has won eight consecutive Constructors’ Championships, the longest streak in Formula 1 history.
  • The fastest lap ever recorded in Formula 1 was set by Juan Pablo Montoya, reaching a top speed of 372.6 km/h (231.523 mph).
  • Ferrari is the most successful team in Formula 1 history, with 16 Constructors’ Championships to their name.
  • Lewis Hamilton has the most career wins of any driver in Formula 1, amassing over 100 victories.

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Fans can experience the excitement and strategy of the race by listening to Formula 1 team radio broadcasts. To access team radios, subscribe to F1 TV Pro, which offers live streaming and additional feeds beyond the standard broadcast, including unfiltered team communications. Many dedicated race apps offer live audio feeds directly from the team’s radios, for a small subscription fee. During live broadcasts of races, team radio clips will often be played. They provide viewers with a view into the real decisions and challenges teams and drivers are facing.

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