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Go Kart star Luca Corberi banned for 15 YEARS after throwing bumper at rival going at top speed sparking pit brawl

AN ITALIAN Go Kart driver has been banned for 15 YEARS after hurling his bumper at a rival during a race.

Luca Corberi, 23, sparked outrage when endangering himself and his fellow racers in October.

Luca Corberi carried his discarded bumper to the edge of the track
The irate Italian shockingly launched it at a rival while karts raced by

Having been shunted out of the FIA Karting World Championship final in Lonato, northern Italy, he proceeded to carry his discarded front bumper across the circuit.

Crossing the track several times, Corberi stood on the kerb of a straight while karts whizzed by at over 60mph.

When rival Paolo Ippolito came into view, he lobbed the bumper and it bounced off the kart, fortunately not hurting the driver as he hit top speed.

After the race, Corberi was filmed tackling Ippolito into a wall to spark a pit brawl involving the fathers of both racers.

Shocked viewers called for the youngster to be kicked out of motorsport.

Former Formula One star Jenson Button deemed to incident ‘disgusting’ as Corberi had ‘destroyed’ his motorsport career.


He tweeted at the time: “Luca Corberi has just destroyed any chance he had at a racing career after his disgusting behaviour today at the FIA Karting World Champs.

“His father owns the circuit and is seen power driving the guy into a wall. Life ban for both of these idiots please.”

A tribunal was set up by the series’ governing body, the FIA, to investigate.

Corberi shoved his rival in the pit to spark a post-race pit brawl
Corberi (centre) was joined by his father (right) in the fight at the family-owned track

It determined that the 1.3kg bumper could have caused serious neck injuries to Ippolito.

And the subsequent pit altercation ‘reached a point where fathers and sons were hitting each other’.

The FIA handed down a 15-year ban to Corberi, who has announced his retirement from the sport.

Paolo Ippolito felt the full force of Corberi’s rage during the attack

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