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Inside the stunning Monaco lives of F1’s mega rich drivers including Hamilton as Norris makes move to Monte Carlo

LANDO NORRIS will join his fellow F1 drivers in moving to Monte Carlo.

The Bristol-born star, 22, revealed he was swapping Woking for tax-haven Monaco, after the final Grand Prix of the season.

Lando Norris is the latest F1 star who has announced he’s moving to Monte Carlo

He said: “I’m moving to Monaco after [the final race in] Abu Dhabi for the reasons you probably expect.

“It’s something that obviously a lot of drivers go to do, and especially with how racing is – I think you’ve seen it with a lot of the drivers, how quickly things can also go downhill.”

Norris will be joining the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc, and Valtteri Bottas in the Principality.

And they all boast incredible lifestyles that are the envy of sports stars around the globe.

From sailing on the Mediterranean sea to cycling on the streets, these racers have got it made.


The seven-time world champion, who has a reported net worth of around £300million, has homes all across the globe.

But for much of the year, Hamilton snubs his London mansion, New York penthouse and Colorado ranch for a life in Monaco.

Although not much is known about where his property is, he once shared a snap of his wonderful view.

He captioned a photo on social media: “A place I call home, Monte Carlo. I am so blessed to live in such an incredible place. God is really shining down on me today.

“Sending you light & love for your day. On my way to Spa, let’s do this!!!”

It is believed he resides in the exclusive Fontvieille district.

Back in 2007, it was reported he was interested in a 2,000sq ft, four-bedroom duplex with views across the Mediterranean in Fontvieille’s Seaside Plaza.

Speaking of the Mediterranean, Hamilton has been seen enjoying watersports during his time away from the circuit.

Lewis Hamilton enjoys the high-life in Monaco

Hamilton lives in the exclusive Fontvieille district

World champion Hamilton once shared the view from his penthouse on Instagram
In his spare time, Hamilton has been known to enjoy watersports


The contender to Hamilton’s throne, Verstappen’s lifestyle in Monaco is more paired down than his rival’s.

But that said, it’s clear he doesn’t skimp either. The Dutch star is said to rent an apartment that’s worth around £16million.

His home is believed to be in the same apartment block as Felipe Massa and Daniel Ricciardo, which he was once filmed allegedly entering drunk after a night out.

During the first lockdown, he gave us a glimpse into his home when he shared his workouts from his balcony that overlooks the Mediterranean sea.

It’s also where girlfriend, Brazilian model Kelly Piquet lives with him.

Verstappen is said to have a car collection in Monaco to die for, and recently ordered the £2million Aston Martin Valkyrie.

And like his speedy nemesis Hamilton, he likes watersports to – often seen whizzing around on a Red Bull sponsored jet-ski.

Max Verstappen shared his favourite workout spot, his apartment balcony, on social media

Like Hamilton, Verstappen is a huge fan of watersports and has been seen jet-skiing in the Mediterranean sea

Brazilian model Kelly Piquet is said to live in Monaco with Verstappen


Like Hamilton, Ricciardo has other abodes, most notably in Beverly Hills and in Perth.

But, when the former Monaco Grand Prix winner is competing he lives in his comfortable one bedroom pied-à-terre in the city.

And he absolutely loves living in Monaco, as his Instagram reveals.

He drives a super fast McLaren 720S around time, worth around £215,000.

And when he’s not on four wheels, he takes his scooter for a drive around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

Of the Grand Prix, the Aussie has revealed how the city changes when it’s race weekend.

“It feels like a real racetrack, and I’m not thinking ‘there’s a cafe I eat at’ or ‘there’s a street I ride my Vespa down’ or whatever,” he revealed.

“You wake up in your own bed, kick around your apartment and then start the journey to work.” 

Daniel Ricciardo shows off the view from the balcony his Monaco apartment complex

Ricciardo drives a £215,000 McLaren 720S around the city

When it’s race weekend, Ricciardo likes to take his scooter for a drive around the track

Aussie star Ricciardo loves life in Monaco


The Finnish driver lives with Australian professional cyclist Tiffany Cromwell in the city.

However, they opt for a more private life in Monte Carlo, like they do in his homeland, where he owns a beautiful lakeside holiday home.

He did share his stunning view from his apartment balcony overlooking the harbour once upon a time though, giving fans a glimpse into his lifestyle.

Bottas also has the cycling bug, often competing in races around Monaco in his spare time.

When he’s not driving a race car, Bottas is seen driving his £115,000 Mercedes-AMG GT.

To keep fit, Bottas goes running around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit he races on.

Valtteri Bottas’ apartment overlooks the harbour

Bottas lives together with Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell

Bottas often takes part in cycling races in Monte Carlo

When he hits the road, Bottas travels in style in a £115,000 Mercedes-AMG GT


Leclerc is born and bred in Monaco, so he has absolutely no reason to leave.

He has a luxury apartment, which he lives in with gorgeous girlfriend Charlotte Sine.

Hilariously, when she was locked out of the home, Charlotte had to subscribe to his Twitch channel because he couldn’t hear her as he was playing a racing simulator and had a headset on.

“So my girlfriend had to subscribe to my twitch channel to tell me to open the door,” he later revealed on Twitter.

Leclerc has a gang of friends he loves spending the summers with.

They hop on board his £1.5million yacht, Monza and cruise around the Mediterannean.

And when he’s not on sea, he’s on grass on the golf course working on his handicap.

It’s a glam life that awaits Lando Norris, when he makes his move to Monte Carlo.

Charles Leclerc lives the ultimate playboy lifestyle in Monte Carlo

Leclerc’s family are originally from Monaco

Leclerc and his pals like to hang out on his £1.5m yacht called Monza

Hilariously, Leclerc’s girlfriend Charlotte had to subscribe to his Twitch channel to tell him to open the front door of their apartment

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