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Lewis Hamilton calls on broadcasters to help support F1’s anti-racism message and believes ‘society is just so behind’

LEWIS HAMILTON has called on broadcasters to help support F1’s anti-racism message.

The world champion has used his social media to speak out against racism while the sport has launched its own ‘end racism’ and ‘we race as one’ initiatives.

Lewis Hamilton believes broadcasters need to do more to help promote the anti-racism message from F1

Hamilton has taken a knee before all five races this season with other drivers to send a message that the sport is against racism but he says more needs to be done.

And in an interview with Sky F1, Hamilton says broadcasters can help with educating the wider public on diversity and race.

He said: “One thing I’m really proud of with my team is that we’ve obviously made the step and a statement with our car.

“But these past couple of weeks, they’ve found a company that is doing diversity inclusion training, so I went and had a session with them.

“It’s incredible, because I’m open to learning – I’m not perfect – and so just learning what is right.

“I feel that the whole of society is just so behind and the things people were saying back when I was at school about so many different races, you look back and you think ‘oh my god that was terrible back then’.

“But it is still evidently there and it’s how can we change it?

“As a sport, we have this platform, we have these people that tune in and watch and yes it’s supposed to be an entertaining experience.

“But there’s no reason why there can’t be an element of it that is educating.

“I’ve gone home and watched the Grand Prix at the weekend when we have hours to take up.

“Some people are just talking for ages or playing remote control cars in the paddock – but you can actually be saying something and teaching people something and it is about educating these kids.”

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