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Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton told he’s ‘past his prime’ by former F1 driver

Formula One Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit on 07/04/2024, in Suzuka, Japan. Photo by Sam Bloxham/Motorsport Images. * Editorial use only to German and UK newspapers and non-motor racing or automotive publications or digital platforms. * Pictured: Carlos Sainz,Lewis Hamilton Ref: SPL10816948 070424 NON-EXCLUSIVE Picture by: Motorsport Images / Splash News and Pictures **USE CHILD PIXELATED IMAGES OR FOOTAGE IF YOUR TERRITORY REQUIRES IT** USA: 310-525-5808 UK: 020 8126 1009 [email protected] Germany Rights, United Kingdom Rights

Hamilton's Struggles in Final Season with Mercedes

Former F1 driver Michael Bleekemolen has bluntly stated that Lewis Hamilton, 39, is past his prime, citing a rocky start to the season as evidence. Hamilton, currently in P9 as a Mercedes driver, faces doubts about his future transfer to Ferrari.

Doubts About Hamilton's Competitiveness at Ferrari

Bleekemolen expressed skepticism about Hamilton's ability to compete for a World Championship with Ferrari, especially with Carlos Sainz's strong performances. Despite hoping for a podium finish for Hamilton, he doubts the British driver will surpass Michael Schumacher's records.

Uncertainty Surrounding Hamilton's Future at Ferrari

With Hamilton set to join Charles Leclerc at Ferrari, questions loom over who will be the team's top driver. Bleekemolen highlighted the competitive nature within the team and emphasized the advantage of consistent podium finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Formula 1 cars refuel during a race?

Formula 1 is currently prohibited from refuelling mid-race. The rule has been in effect since 2010 for the purpose of improving safety and reducing costs. The cars must now start the race with sufficient fuel to finish the race. This adds a strategic element, where teams have to balance fuel weight and speed against efficiency.

What is a Formula 1 racing engineer’s role?

The role of a Formula 1 race engine is to manage the performance of both car and driver throughout a race. They communicate constantly with drivers, giving them critical updates on strategy and information. They also coordinate with their team in the pits, making real-time decisions. The race engineer is responsible for making crucial decisions on tire changes, vehicle adjustments, and racing tactics. All of these are aimed at ensuring the best outcome for the team.

Can Formula 1 team test their car year-round?

Formula 1 teams do not have the right to test their vehicles all year long. The FIA has regulated pre-season, in-season, and restricted testing sessions. The FIA has set these limitations to keep costs down and ensure a level playing ground. Teams are therefore required to make the most of the limited test opportunities available in order prepare their cars and collect data for the races that lie ahead.

What is DRS Formula 1 and how does DRS work?

The Drag Reduction System (DRS) in Formula 1 is a device that helps facilitate overtaking. The system works by reducing the aerodynamic drag, which gives a behind-car a temporary advantage in speed. The DRS system can only be activated in predetermined areas on the track or when a car is within one second from the vehicle ahead.

How do Formula 1 teams transport their equipment between races

Formula 1 teams plan meticulously the logistics for transporting their cars, equipment, and parts globally. For European races, trucks and air cargo are preferred. Each team maintains a logistics division to ensure that everything arrives on schedule and in perfect condition. This is done by carefully managing a season-long complex schedule that crosses multiple continents.


  • Ayrton Senna holds the record for most consecutive pole positions, achieving a series of eight poles from the 1988 Spanish Grand Prix to the 1989 United States Grand Prix.
  • As of the latest season, Mercedes AMG Petronas has won eight consecutive Constructors’ Championships, the longest streak in Formula 1 history.
  • Ferrari is the most successful team in Formula 1 history, with 16 Constructors’ Championships to their name.
  • Jenson Button accomplished the greatest number of overtakes in a single race, with a total of 26 during the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix.
  • Lewis Hamilton has the most career wins of any driver in Formula 1, amassing over 100 victories.
  • The largest winning margin in a Formula 1 race was recorded by Jim Clark in 1963 at the Belgian Grand Prix, with a lead of nearly 5 minutes over the second-place finisher.
  • The fastest lap ever recorded in Formula 1 was set by Juan Pablo Montoya, reaching a top speed of 372.6 km/h (231.523 mph).
  • Sebastian Vettel became the youngest World Champion in Formula 1 history, securing his first title at the age of 23 years and 134 days in 2010.

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