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Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton’s Former Trainer Reveals Biggest Challenge and Names Hardest F1 Track

The Challenge of Training the Formula One Great

Antti Vierula, Lewis Hamilton's ex-trainer, has opened up about the biggest challenge he faced while working with the Formula One star. Vierula, who was part of Hamilton's support crew between 2011 and 2012, revealed that the demanding racing schedule made it difficult to incorporate training without overwhelming the athlete. He emphasized the importance of adapting the training to the individual's specific needs and learning about the athlete's limits and energy levels over time.

Training Regimen and Hamilton's Former Teammate

Vierula also shared insights into the training regimen he had with Hamilton and his former teammate Valtteri Bottas. While Hamilton enjoyed running, Bottas preferred cycling. The workouts included intense training for the muscles on Hamilton's backside. Vierula currently trains Bottas and praised Hamilton for his dedication and ability to push himself and those around him to excel.

The Toughest F1 Track on the Calendar

Contrary to popular belief, Vierula declared that Japan's Suzuka Circuit is the most difficult track on the Formula One calendar. He explained that tracks with high-speed corners and a lot of braking are the most demanding for drivers. He also mentioned the physically demanding nature of the Hungaroring circuit, as well as the challenges presented by Monaco and Singapore due to the numerous corners and lack of straight lines to rest.

Lewis Hamilton is currently facing a winless F1 season for the second year in a row, with his Mercedes struggling at recent races. Despite the setbacks, Vierula expressed confidence in Hamilton's determination to improve and praised his ability to extract the best from his team and engineers.

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