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Max Verstappen Denied Mercedes AMG GT Rental for Being “Too Young”

Formula One champion Max Verstappen was denied a rental of a high-performance Mercedes AMG GT while on holiday due to his age

Max Verstappen, the 26-year-old Formula One world champion, was left disappointed when he attempted to rent a Mercedes AMG GT with a top speed of 195mph while on vacation. Despite being accustomed to racing at speeds well over 200mph, Verstappen was denied access to the vehicle because he is under 30 years old, which would have violated the rental company's insurance policy. As a result, Verstappen had to settle for a less powerful BMW 5 Series during his trip to Portugal.

Verstappen's Racing Trip to Portugal

Verstappen, along with his family and friends, traveled to the Algarve in Portugal on three private jets last Monday. The group had organized a racing trip and had booked around 20 cars from Sixt at Faro Airport. They also rented the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve racing circuit for two days. However, upon arrival, Verstappen was surprised to learn that he couldn't drive the Mercedes AMG GT he had chosen.

A source close to Verstappen stated, "He’s a seasoned F1 driver who’s used to handling powerful cars, so it’s quite astonishing to think he wasn’t allowed to get behind the wheel of this one — but those are the rules, so he abided by them."

Verstappen's Vehicle Options

Max Verstappen, who has achieved top speeds of 213mph in his F1 car, had initially selected the Mercedes AMG GT, which can reach speeds of up to 195.7mph. However, due to age restrictions, he was instead given a BMW 5 Series, which has a maximum speed of 155.3mph. Verstappen's manager, Raymond Vermeulen, ended up driving the Mercedes on his behalf.

Verstappen's Remarkable F1 Career

Belgium-born Verstappen has had an impressive Formula One career, winning 54 races and reaching the podium 98 times. He joined Red Bull Racing in 2016 and is reported to have earned £43 million this year alone. Verstappen began karting at the age of four and started competing in championships at the age of seven. His father, Jos Verstappen, was also an F1 driver.

Apology from the Rental Company

A spokesperson for Sixt, the rental company Verstappen used, stated, "The employees of our franchise partner in Portugal have only followed the rules that arise for insurance reasons. In order to find a customer-friendly solution on site, Mr. Verstappen was provided with another premium vehicle. However, there can be special circumstances that justify a deviation from rules. This is such a case. We apologize to Mr. Verstappen. He can rent the car he wants from us at any time. There is of course no doubt at all about his driving skills and his experience with powerful cars."

In conclusion, Max Verstappen, the Formula One champion, was denied the rental of a Mercedes AMG GT due to his age. Despite his impressive racing career and experience with high-performance vehicles, Verstappen had to settle for a less powerful car during his holiday in Portugal.

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