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Formula 1

Max Verstappen Slams Las Vegas Grand Prix: “More Like the National League”

Verstappen's Bold Criticism

Max Verstappen, the three-time world champion from Red Bull, is causing a stir in the Formula One world. In a recent interview, he compared the Las Vegas Grand Prix to the National League, rather than the prestigious Champions League. Verstappen is known for speaking his mind, but now his opinions carry even more weight.

Landmarks Over Overtaking

Verstappen didn't hold back when discussing the street track in Las Vegas. He described it as being more about landmarks than actual overtaking opportunities. According to him, Monaco is the true Champions League, while Las Vegas falls short.

The Entertainment Factor

Verstappen also criticized the Las Vegas Grand Prix for being more about entertainment than racing. He labeled the event as "99 per cent entertainment and one per cent race." He believes that the sport should focus more on the emotion and passion of racing, rather than the show around it.

Not Understanding the Sport

Verstappen expressed his frustration with fans who attend races without truly understanding what goes into the sport. He feels that many fans come to party, see their favorite artists perform, and have a crazy night, but they don't appreciate the risks and sacrifices drivers make to perform at their best.

A Comparison to Roy Keane

Verstappen's rant drew comparisons to Manchester United legend Roy Keane, who once criticized fans for being more interested in eating prawn sandwiches than creating an atmosphere at Old Trafford. Verstappen's frustration with fans' priorities aligns with Keane's sentiments about football.

FIA's Attempt to Appease Fans

Following the backlash from fans, Formula One tried to appease them with a $200 merchandise voucher, but no refund. This gesture came after only eight minutes of action in Friday's first practice before it was red flagged and fans were asked to leave.

Sainz's Criticism of the Sport

Carlos Sainz, whose Ferrari was damaged by a loose drain cover during Friday practice, also expressed his disappointment with the way Formula One is governed. He believes that the sport could handle situations like his with more understanding and flexibility, rather than punishing teams and drivers for issues beyond their control.

Disappointment and Upset

Both Verstappen and Sainz are clearly disappointed with the current state of Formula One. They expected more from the sport and feel that changes need to be made to enhance the overall experience for drivers and fans alike.

Looking Ahead

Despite the criticisms, Formula One continues to be a thrilling and highly anticipated sport. Fans can stay updated with the complete F1 2023 race calendar, which provides details on every Grand Prix scheduled for this year.