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Mercedes Reveals Exciting New Feature for Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Car

, Mercedes Reveals Exciting New Feature for Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Car

New Steering Wheel Addition Creates Buzz Among Fans

Mercedes has caused a stir among Formula One fans with the unveiling of a never-before-seen addition to Lewis Hamilton's car ahead of the upcoming season.

Revolutionary Design Sparks Excitement

The Silver Arrows team is gearing up for the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 9, and fans are abuzz over the innovative new feature on Hamilton's steering wheel.

Mercedes' Creative Marketing Strategy

Mercedes is looking to bounce back after Red Bull's recent dominance, and their partnership with Whatsapp is turning heads in the F1 world.

Fans React with Amazement

Supporters took to social media to express their excitement over the unique addition, with many praising the team's marketing tactics and design choices.

, Mercedes Reveals Exciting New Feature for Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Car

Green Whatsapp Logo Takes Center Stage

The iconic green Whatsapp logo will now feature prominently on Hamilton's steering wheel, replacing the traditional communications button.

Implications for the Future of F1 Sponsorship

Mercedes' bold move could pave the way for other teams to explore similar sponsorship deals, revolutionizing the advertising landscape in Formula One.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Formula 1 racing suits priced?

Formula 1 suits incorporate cutting-edge technology and fire-resistant material to ensure safety, comfort and performance. These suits can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, a price that reflects their bespoke nature and the advanced safety features they offer.

How much does it cost to buy a Formula 1 driving wheel?

A Formula 1 steering is an extremely complex piece of equipment. It contains dials, buttons and displays that control different car functions. A Formula 1 steering can cost between $50,000 and $100,000 due to its custom design and technology.

What is the role of sponsorship in Formula 1 team finance?

Formula 1 teams’ financial health is heavily dependent on sponsorships. Sponsorships are a crucial source of income to help cover the high costs of racing. Sponsorships can range from small, logo-based contributions to major, title sponsorships worth tens of millions of dollars annually. These partnerships are vital for teams in order to maintain their operations and stay competitive.

What costs are excluded from the Formula 1 budget cap?

Certain expenses are excluded from the Formula 1 budget cap to allow teams some flexibility. Exclusions usually include marketing expenses, driver salaries, salaries of the three top executives or personnel and costs associated with non F1 racing activities. Additionally, capital expenditures and expenses related to corporate income tax and employee bonuses or benefits are also outside the cap.

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What is Formula 1’s Budget Cap?

The budget cap is a recent introduction to Formula 1 designed to promote financial sustainability and competitive balance among teams. For the 2021 race season, the cap budget was set at $145.5 million. This does not include costs like driver salaries, team marketing or the salaries for the top three members of the team. The budget cap will be gradually reduced in subsequent years.

What is the impact of a Formula 1 crash on a team’s budget?

The financial impact a Formula 1 crash has varies according to the severity of damage. Minor accidents may cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands in parts replacement, but more serious incidents can exceed $500,000. In extreme cases, the costs can exceed $1 million, especially if a new chassis is required.


  • Pirelli F1 tires cost around $2,700 each, resulting in a set of four tires costing approximately $10,800.
  • Sponsorship deals are critical in Formula 1, with major title sponsorships sometimes contributing tens of millions of dollars to a team’s budget.
  • The cost of a full-scale Formula 1 simulator can reach several million dollars, with annual maintenance adding to the financial impact.
  • Shipping costs for transport and logistics in Formula 1 can reach between $8 million to $10 million per season for each team.
  • Since the introduction of hybrid power units in 2014, Formula 1 teams have seen a significant increase in costs related to engine development and maintenance.
  • The financial cost of a Formula 1 car crash can range from a few tens of thousands to over $1 million, dependent on the extent of the damage.
  • An advanced Formula 1 steering wheel can cost between $50,000 to $100,000 given its multifunctionality and custom design.
  • A Formula 1 team’s pit stop equipment can cost between $100,000 to $500,000 for high precision and speed during the race.

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How To Select A Formula 1 Racing Seat and System Harness

It is important to consider safety and ergonomics when choosing a Formula 1 racing seat and harness. Work with respected manufacturers to design custom-molded seats that conform to the driver’s body, ensuring optimal support and comfort. Test the harness system to ensure maximum protection against impacts. Materials should be evaluated for their ability to reduce weight without compromising on integrity or performance. Collaboration with safety specialists to ensure compliance with latest FIA standards. Incorporate feedback from drivers for further improvements.



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