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Michael Schumacher’s Friend Reveals What F1 Legend Would Be Doing Now if it Wasn’t for Horror Ski Crash

Michael Schumacher's close friend and former F1 legend, Johnny Herbert, has shared insights into what the seven-time world champion would be doing if he hadn't suffered a devastating ski accident. Herbert, who raced against Schumacher for many years, spoke highly of his talent and ability to bring out the best in everyone.

The Unfortunate Ski Crash

In 2013, Schumacher had a life-changing skiing accident that left him with severe injuries. Since then, the racing superstar has not been seen in public. His family, led by his wife Corinna, has kept any updates on his condition private.

What Would Schumacher Be Doing Now?

According to Herbert, if Schumacher hadn't experienced the ski crash, he wouldn't have had the motivation to run a team in Formula One. Instead, he would have looked to Alain Prost, another racing legend, who struggled with running a team. Herbert also mentioned that Schumacher lacked the business mindset required to be a team principal.

A Potential Career as a Pundit

Herbert believes that Schumacher would have excelled as a pundit after retiring from racing. He described him as outspoken and always aware of the do's and don'ts. Schumacher's direct and in-your-face character would have been his strength in the role of a pundit.

Memories of Wild Post-Race Parties

In a separate revelation, Herbert shared some wild memories of post-race parties with Schumacher. He disclosed that Schumacher used to get "smashed" and playfully rip his friends' clothes off. However, Herbert acknowledged that such behavior would not be acceptable in today's more controlled environment.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Schumacher's condition, his friend Johnny Herbert continues to shed light on what the F1 legend's life could have been like if not for the tragic ski accident.

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