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Formula 1

Portuguese Model Kika Cerqueira Gomes Turns Heads in Skintight Swimsuit

Love in the Fast Lane

Kika Cerqueira Gomes, the stunning 20-year-old model, is making waves both on and off the runway. Not only has she captivated the fashion world with her beauty, but she has also won the heart of F1 driver Pierre Gasly. The couple has been dating since last October, and their relationship has been nothing short of glamorous.

A Fashionable Collaboration

Kika recently showcased her racing stripes in a photoshoot for Drope Swimwear. Wearing a jaw-dropping strapless one-piece, she effortlessly flaunted her incredible figure. It's no surprise that Kika has become a sought-after model for beachwear brands, having previously collaborated with Calzedonia and Natura Portugal. With her natural beauty and undeniable talent, Kika is definitely one to watch in the fashion industry.

A Family Legacy

Kika's love for the fast lane runs in her blood. Her father, Gonçalo, was a successful racing driver, while her mother, Maria, is a top TV presenter and model. Growing up surrounded by the world of racing and entertainment, Kika was destined to make a name for herself in the industry.

Pierre Gasly: A Rising Star

While Kika shines in front of the camera, her boyfriend Pierre Gasly is making waves on the race track. The 27-year-old Frenchman is considered one of Formula 1's most promising young talents. Currently driving for the Alpine team, co-owned by Trent Alexander-Arnold and Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce, Gasly's career is on the rise.

A Match Made in Heaven

Gasly and Kika's relationship has been nothing short of enchanting. Gasly even referred to Kika as his "lucky charm" during race weekends. The couple was recently spotted enjoying a romantic holiday in Italy, where they couldn't keep their hands off each other. It's clear that their love is as passionate as their respective careers.

Gasly's recent performance at the US Grand Prix in Texas showcased his talent and determination. Starting from seventh place, Gasly displayed excellent clutch control and proved why he is a force to be reckoned with on the race track.

As Kika continues to make waves in the fashion world and Gasly continues to rise in the world of Formula 1, this power couple is undoubtedly one to watch. Their love story is filled with passion, talent, and a shared love for speed.