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Formula 1

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell’s Bond ‘Fantastic’ Post Sexting Scandal

2MMFBBW Christian and Geri Horner at the Cocklebarrow Point to Point, to see their horse Quickly Now Please in action, who finished second in the Maiden

Friendship with Bernie Ecclestone

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has shared with long-time friend Bernie Ecclestone that his marriage with Geri Halliwell is "fantastic." The F1 legend, 93, revealed that their relationship is now at a point of "peace in our time" after the recent sexting scandal.

Strong Bond Amidst Controversy

Despite the months-long ordeal, Horner reportedly boasts about his 'fantastic' bond with Halliwell. The Spice Girl has shown unwavering support for Horner, publicly displaying unity with him in the paddock.

Reassurance from Ecclestone

Former F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone confirmed that Horner and Halliwell are going strong, with time helping to mend any issues that arose. Ecclestone expressed that it's a time of peace and harmony for the couple.

Renewed Support and Moving Forward

Despite facing allegations and a probe into his conduct, Horner has weathered the storm with three wins in the 2024 season. Ecclestone praised Horner's ability to heal and move forward, indicating strong support from Geri and the team.

Resilience Amidst Turmoil

Horner and Halliwell have continued to put on a united front, attending events and showing solidarity amidst the drama. With support from Ecclestone and a readiness to move on, the couple aims to leave the scandal behind them.

Internal Struggles and Power Dynamics

What began as personal controversy for Horner evolved into internal power struggles within Red Bull. Reports suggest a ceasefire within senior management after disputes, indicating a potential end to the internal battles at the top constructor.

Resilience and Moving Forward

Despite challenges and ongoing complaints, Horner remains focused on moving forward. With support from Geri and positive feedback from Ecclestone, the couple is determined to put the past behind them and focus on the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial impact of Formula 1 sponsorship?

Formula 1 teams depend heavily on sponsorships for their financial well-being. They provide a vital source of income that helps cover the exorbitant costs of competing. Sponsorships can range from small, logo-based contributions to major, title sponsorships worth tens of millions of dollars annually. These partnerships are vital for teams in order to maintain their operations and stay competitive.

How much is it to build a Formula 1 Car?

The cost to construct a Formula 1 race car can vary considerably. But teams typically spend $10-15 million on each chassis.

How much has hybrid power affected Formula 1 team costs since its introduction?

In Formula 1, the introduction of hybrid engines has led to a greater level of technological complexity, and therefore, increased costs. These hybrid engines are expensive to develop, produce, and maintain, which has led to a rise in team costs since their introduction in 2014 In order to remain competitive, the teams must increase budgets allocated to research and development.

What’s the price of an F1 engine?

The Formula 1 engines are among the most advanced pieces of machinery in the sport. Teams may spend anywhere from $7 million to $10 million on the engine alone, which accounts for the advanced technology and performance characteristics necessary to compete at the highest level.


  • Racing suits worn by Formula 1 drivers can cost from $2,000 to $5,000, integrating high levels of safety and performance features.
  • The budget cap introduced in Formula 1 for the 2021 season was set at $145 million, which is aimed to level the playing field.
  • The operational costs for a Formula 1 team per season can range from $120 million to over $400 million, depending on the team’s size and aspirations.
  • A Formula 1 car’s carbon fiber body parts, essential for performance and safety, contribute significantly to the overall production costs of the vehicle.
  • The average cost to construct a Formula 1 car chassis is estimated to be between $10 million and $15 million.
  • An advanced Formula 1 steering wheel can cost between $50,000 to $100,000 given its multifunctionality and custom design.
  • The financial cost of a Formula 1 car crash can range from a few tens of thousands to over $1 million, dependent on the extent of the damage.
  • Sponsorship deals are critical in Formula 1, with major title sponsorships sometimes contributing tens of millions of dollars to a team’s budget.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Construction for a Formula 1 Car

In order to calculate the cost of construction of a Formula 1 Car, first consider the initial investment, which can be as high as $10-15 Million. You should also include the costs of the engine (up to $10,000,000) and the gearbox (over $1,000,000). Account for the hybrid power unit, complex electronics, aero development, and safety innovations. Include variables such as materials, testing in wind tunnels, and the labor cost of highly-skilled engineers and technicians. The total is likely to range into several hundred million dollars over the course of a development cycle.

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