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Formula 1

Rising Motorbike Star Leydy Diaz, 24, Dies in Horror Crash During Qualifying Race

A tragic incident unfolded at the Tocancipa Autodrome in Tocancipa, Colombia, as talented motorbike racer Leydy Diaz Joya lost control of her bike during a qualification race and was pronounced dead at the scene. The 24-year-old had been competing for several years and tragically passed away while doing what she loved.

Fatal Crash at Dangerous Curve

The fatal accident took place on September 3 at a steep curve on the track known as "Curva Motor" and "El Curvon." Leydy fell and crashed while attempting to navigate the narrow curve. Unfortunately, two other bikers also suffered injuries at the same dangerous curve.

High Speeds Claim Life of Rising Biker

Although the curve where Leydy lost her life was not the most complex on the track, the high speed at which she was riding proved fatal. Paramedics rushed to the scene and provided immediate attention, but their efforts were in vain. The impact of the crash was severe, and Leydy did not survive despite the activation of all protocols.

Investigation Promised

Authorities have committed to conducting a technical analysis to determine the exact causes of the accident. The rest of the motorcycle event was canceled out of respect for Leydy's death.

A Life Dedicated to Sports

Leydy Diaz was not only a rising star in the motorbike racing world but also a mechanical engineer. Before delving into motorcycling, she spent 11 consecutive years as a professional skater and two years as a cyclist. This year, she proudly represented her country at the Italika Racing Ibero-American Women's Championship in Mexico City.

Tributes Pour In

Tributes continue to pour in for the talented and fearless motorcyclist. Leydy's last Instagram post has been flooded with comments from fans and fellow racers expressing their condolences and admiration for her. One fan remarked that she passed away doing what made her happiest, while another shared a poem about her enduring spirit as a motorbike enthusiast. Leydy will be remembered as a fierce competitor and a passionate advocate for her sport.