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Formula 1

Sergio Perez Left Red-Faced After Awkward Encounter with Announcer at Las Vegas Grand Prix

Sergio Perez, the Red Bull driver, found himself in an embarrassing situation during the Las Vegas Grand Prix when he had an awkward moment with announcer Bruce Buffer. Buffer, known for his iconic voice in boxing fights, was announcing the names of the drivers before the race when Perez misunderstood and thought he was about to be interviewed. The confusion led to an uncomfortable stare between Perez and Buffer, leaving the driver standing alone on the grid. Despite the awkward encounter, Perez went on to finish on the podium, securing third place.

An Awkward Glance and Confusion

Perez's moment of embarrassment occurred when Buffer announced his name, and Perez mistook it as an invitation for an interview. Buffer approached the driver, who waved at the crowd, expecting a question. However, Buffer did not ask anything and instead backed off, leaving Perez standing alone on the grid. The uncomfortable stare between the two left Perez looking confused and unsure of what to do.

Perez Finishes on the Podium

Despite the awkward encounter, Perez managed to regain his composure and focus on the race. He went on to finish on the podium, securing third place behind Charles Leclerc and his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen, who won the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. Perez's strong performance on the track overshadowed the uncomfortable incident with Buffer.

It was a successful race for the Mercedes pair as well, with Sir Lewis Hamilton finishing seventh and George Russell in eighth place. However, fellow British driver Lando Norris suffered a horrifying crash and had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention. The race also faced an issue before the start, as oil from retro cars leaked onto the track, causing frustration for Verstappen.

Overall, despite the awkward moment, Perez's performance in the Las Vegas Grand Prix showed his resilience and determination on the track.