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Formula 1

Terrifying Moment as 18-Year-Old Racer Crashes Superboat at High Speed

Lucky Escape

An 18-year-old racer and his navigator had a narrow escape after a terrifying crash during the V8 Superboats Championship race in Australia. Nate Mullan flipped their 590-horsepower boat on the last corner, leading to a shocking sequence of events.

Flipped, Burst into Flames

As the boat came off course, it flipped out of the water and onto the grass. The navigator managed to escape the wreckage, but Mullan was trapped inside as the boat became engulfed in flames. Spectators were left in shock as the scene unfolded.

Grateful for Lives Saved

Despite the total loss of the superboat in the crash, fellow racer Phonsy Mullan, who is Nate's father, expressed gratitude that the two youngsters escaped with their lives. He emphasized that the boat can be replaced, but lives cannot.

Recovery and Fundraising

Following the incident, both driver and navigator suffered mild injuries but are recovering. The team is now seeking to raise funds for a replacement boat through a GoFundMe page, detailing the harrowing experience and emphasizing the importance of quick action in ensuring their survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different power units used in Formula 1?

The Formula 1 power unit consists of a hybrid internal-combustion engine (ICE) with an Energy Recovery System. The ICE, a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, is paired with an Energy Recovery System (ERS) that uses energy captured from the vehicle’s exhaust and braking systems to generate additional power. The combination of these technologies not only boosts performance but also increases efficiency, contributing to the fascinating blend of speed and advanced engineering in the sport.

How often do Formula 1 teams create new cars?

Formula 1 teams typically develop a new car for every season. The constant evolution of technical regulations and teams’ pursuit of performance improvements are the reasons for this. The teams will continue to update the car and make improvements throughout the season to ensure they have an edge on their rivals.

What are the best Formula 1 teams?

Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and other teams have dominated Formula 1 racing for decades. Mercedes has had a long-lasting period of success and has won multiple constructors championships. Ferrari has a rich tradition in the sport and has been a top contender for many decades. Red Bull Racing is a team that has been able to compete with these giants because of its innovation and drive.

What is the role of a Formula 1 race engineer?

A Formula 1 Race Engineer is vital in managing different aspects of a car’s performance and that of a driver during a race. They communicate constantly with drivers, giving them critical updates on strategy and information. They also coordinate with their team in the pits, making real-time decisions. The race engineer is responsible for making crucial decisions on tire changes, vehicle adjustments, and racing tactics. All of these are aimed at ensuring the best outcome for the team.

How are Formula 1 cars designed to ensure driver safety?

Formula 1 cars incorporate cutting-edge safety technologies to protect their drivers. They include a strong monocoque made of carbon fiber, the Halo system for cockpit protection, energy-absorbing crash structure, and advanced technology in helmets. Each component is rigorously tested and adheres to stringent safety standards set by the FIA, ensuring that drivers are safeguarded against various types of impact.


  • Jenson Button accomplished the greatest number of overtakes in a single race, with a total of 26 during the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix.
  • Kimi Räikkönen holds the record for the fastest lap in Formula 1 history, set at the Italian Grand Prix in 2018 with an average speed of 263.587 km/h (163.785 mph).
  • Sebastian Vettel became the youngest World Champion in Formula 1 history, securing his first title at the age of 23 years and 134 days in 2010.
  • As of the latest season, Mercedes AMG Petronas has won eight consecutive Constructors’ Championships, the longest streak in Formula 1 history.
  • The Italian Grand Prix at Monza is known as the ‘Temple of Speed’, which has the highest average speed of any circuit on the current Formula 1 calendar.
  • Michael Schumacher holds the record for the most World Championships won by a single driver, with a total of seven titles.
  • Ayrton Senna holds the record for most consecutive pole positions, achieving a series of eight poles from the 1988 Spanish Grand Prix to the 1989 United States Grand Prix.
  • Lewis Hamilton has the most career wins of any driver in Formula 1, amassing over 100 victories.

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