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Formula 1

Terrifying Moment Car Flips Seven Times in Horror Crash with 19-Year-Old Driver Inside

Unbelievable Crash

A terrifying moment unfolded at the Top Race event in Argentina when a car flipped seven times in a horror crash. The shocking incident left 19-year-old racing driver Ulises Campillay lucky to be alive.

Shattered Car

Ulises Campillay's car was ripped to shreds as it flew through the air, leaving just a mangled shell behind. The shocking images show the extent of the damage caused by the crash.

Lucky Escape

The young driver's car was caught after a collision with another vehicle during the race. The impact caused his car to flip seven times, but miraculously, Campillay survived the terrifying ordeal.

Immediate Medical Attention

Medics rushed to the scene as soon as the crash occurred. The race was halted, and Campillay received prompt medical attention. Doctors have reported that he is lucky to still be alive and is currently undergoing further tests to rule out any additional injuries.

Support from Fenix Racing

The racing team that Campillay drives for, Fenix Racing, expressed their support and well-wishes for his recovery. They shared a message on social media, hoping to see him back on the track soon enjoying his passion.

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