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Formula 1

Unearthed Footage Reveals F1 Row Between Verstappen and Ocon That TV Missed

Missed Drama on the Track

Unearthed footage has revealed a heated exchange between Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which was not captured on TV. Both drivers saw their laps ruined as Ocon overtook Verstappen just before the final corner.

Verstappen's Quest for More Victories

Despite clinching his 14th win of the season, Verstappen is determined to finish the year with even more victories. The incident with Ocon threatened his chances of securing a pole position in the Q1 session.

A Clash of Laps

The clash between Verstappen and Ocon pushed the Red Bull driver to the third spot before the race, while Ocon was relegated to the 16th starting spot. Verstappen expressed his frustration over the radio, calling Ocon a "stupid idiot."

A Controversial Clip Sparks Debate

A newly emerged clip on social media has sparked a debate among fans. Some continue to support Verstappen, while others defend Ocon. The incident has divided opinions on the track etiquette and decision-making of both drivers.

Verstappen Advances, Ocon Falls Behind

Verstappen managed to advance to Q2, but Ocon struggled to secure a top spot position. Ocon later referred to the incident as "a joke" and explained that he had no choice but to make the overtaking maneuver due to earlier traffic.

An Uphill Battle for Ocon

Ocon's low starting position put him at a disadvantage, and he ultimately finished the race in 16th place. The incident with Verstappen had a significant impact on Ocon's performance in the Nevada race.