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‘Almost decapitated’ – Stunning Paige Spiranac trolls Bryson DeChambeau AGAIN as golfer loses battle with piece of rope

, ‘Almost decapitated’ – Stunning Paige Spiranac trolls Bryson DeChambeau AGAIN as golfer loses battle with piece of rope

PAIGE SPIRANAC has again mocked Bryson DeChambeau after he was “almost decapitated” in a farcical Chicago Rope episode.

Ex-pro Spiranac taunted her fellow US golfer for his “What the f***! I can’t see!” response to a “staggering 1mph” collision with a spectator rope.

Paige Spiranac could hardly look as she joked she ‘felt sick to my stomach’ over the ‘injuries’ caused to Bryson DeChambeau

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The social media star struck a cord with thousands of viewers, who couldn’t believe the drama LIV rebel DeChambeau made of his tangle.

Spiranac renewed her trolling of the 2020 US Open champ for the way he flustered with a “gruesome, horrendous injury”.

And she sarcastically labelled “tough as nails” DeChambeau an “inspiration” for “persevering” to come joint eighth at the LIV event in Chicago.

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The Instagram sensation, 29, posted a clip saying: “We all love watching sport. We don’t love watching players get injured.

Paige Spiranac took another swing at Bryson DeChambeau

“I saw one of the most gruesome – it makes me to sick to my stomach to think of it – most horrendous. injuries I have ever seen.

“As we know golfers get the reputation of, well, being soft. And Bryson DeChambeau proved everyone wrong.”

Getting into the swing of her teasing tirade, she talked viewers through the mini soap opera of DeChambeau’s theatrics.

She continued: “After a wayward, wayward drive, he was coming from the crowd back onto the golf course at a staggering 1mph.


“The spectator rope came out of nowhere, and almost decapitated him, blinded him, caught him in the face. He fell to the ground. ‘I can’t see! I can’t see!’

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“Everyone is wondering, ‘Is he OK? Is he going to get up? Can he get up? Can he see? Is he going to live?’

“You know what Bryson did? He said ‘I’m going to persevere’. He got up, he finished his round and he proved  proved golfers are tough as nails.

“Thanks for being an inspiration, Bryson!”

DeChambeau’s reaction to walking into the thin rope had seemed as puzzling as… string theory – because he hardly touched it.

But the contact with his eye and general shock might explain him slumping to his knees screaming: “OMG! What the f**, guys, What the f***m God!”

When asked if he was OK, he replied: “No! Oh, right in my eye.

“I can’t even see right now. The thing split my eye.”

Cam Smith was the tournament’s £3.5mwinner – his first LIV Golf event since joining the controversial, Saudi-backed tour last month.

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, ‘Almost decapitated’ – Stunning Paige Spiranac trolls Bryson DeChambeau AGAIN as golfer loses battle with piece of ropeBryson DeChambeau was sent reeling by his collision with a spectator rope

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Absolutely! You can make extra money by being a professional player of golf. You can teach, sell merchandise, organize tournaments, and even be a celebrity.

What’s the average score for a golfer?

Average golfers shoot around 80-85 yards in tandem with their driver.

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Do I really require a golf membership to play?

A membership to the golf course is not required. You will have access to all facilities on the course such as the driving ranges and the putting greens.

What is the average golf score for a weekend golfer?

An average score of a beginner golfer is about 100. As you get better at golf, your scores improve. You’ll start with 9 holes. Then you will work your way up.

How do I lower my golf score by 5 strokes?

The first thing you must do is to improve your swing mechanics. While you might be proficient at holding the club correctly, your body will not feel the same way. Once you’ve learned how to hold the club correctly, you can focus on strengthening your flexibility and strength. Begin slow and work your way up to faster distances. As you improve your scores, you will notice a more consistent game.

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Does watching pros play make you better?

Watching pro players play makes you better at video games. By watching how professional players play, you can improve your game. You can also learn from their mistakes. Professional gamers can inspire you to be a better player.


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  1. Start from the ground: Stand straight and keep your back straight. Hold your club straight. Bend your knees slightly to swing the club. Concentrate on your target. This helps to position you before hitting the ball.
  2. Your balance is important. You should stand straight, keep both your feet together and ensure that your body weight is evenly distributed. When you hit the ball your weight should shift to the front leg.
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