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College Cheerleader Who Went Viral at The Masters Faces Challenges on Return to Augusta

Meet viral Masters girl Aaliyah Kikumoto, Texas Tech cheerleader who had golf fans 'falling in love after 15 seconds', **TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION**,

Viral Sensation

Aaliyah Kikumoto, the college cheerleader who gained fame at last year's Masters tournament, faced a bumpy road during her anticipated return to Augusta for the 2024 event. Known as the 'Masters Girl,' Aaliyah received modeling deals and more after her viral moment watching Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka in 2023.

Flight Delays and Hurdles

Despite her newfound fame, Aaliyah encountered flight delays and a long journey from Texas to Augusta for this year's Masters. Her father, Charles, detailed the challenges they faced, including missed flights and multiple layovers before finally arriving in Augusta in the early hours of the morning.

Maximizing Fame

While Aaliyah may not have been captured on camera during this year's tournament, she has been making the most of her popularity. Landing modeling gigs and ambassador deals, her Instagram following has skyrocketed to 42,000. Aaliyah even received marriage proposals and is looking to expand her influence into golf and other interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do retirees who have never played golf begin?

Beginner golf lessons can be taken by retired golfers at their local driving range or golf course. Beginners are able to learn at their pace, starting with the basics such as gripping, stances, and swings. Many courses have classes or clinics for seniors, which are tailored to their physical capabilities and learning styles. Before purchasing equipment, renting can be an effective way to determine your preferences.

Is there a golfing association or organization specifically for seniors?

Golfing organizations often have divisions or leagues specifically tailored to retired individuals, such as senior golf associations or chapters within larger golfing bodies. These organizations often offer events, social activities, and tournaments that are tailored to meet the needs and schedules for retirees. The organizations offer retired people a network to play recreationally or competitively with others of similar experience and skill levels.

What are some of the common modifications and accommodations for retired golfers?

A number of adaptations are available to improve the experience for retired golfers. Power carts can reduce the strain of walking a full course, and many courses offer senior tees, which are closer to the greens. Senior flex shafts allow for a more comfortable swing. Larger grips are beneficial to those with arthritis and reduced hand strength. Weight-saving bags and clubs can also make it easier to carry equipment. And some golf balls were designed with slower swing speeds in mind, for older players.

What are the factors that retirees should consider when selecting a golf course where they can play regularly?

Retirees should seek golf courses that match their skill level and physical capabilities. It may be easier for older players to navigate courses with flatter terrain. Also, shorter course distances can make them more enjoyable. Accessibility and availability of amenities, such as restrooms and shaded areas, are essential considerations. A course with discounts, senior-friendly programmes, or social clubs that cater to retired golfers can provide a more enjoyable experience, as well as opportunities for engagement and friendliness.

Golfing can help retirees to maintain their social life.

Yes, golf can significantly enhance retirees’ social life. The inherent social nature of the sport provides an opportunity for meeting new people and fostering friendships. The social nature of golf allows retirees to meet new people and form friendships. Many join golf leagues or tournaments, while others simply play regular rounds of golf with friends. These activities lead to an increase in social interaction, camaraderie as well as the development of supportive communities that share a common interest. This aspect of golf can combat loneliness and contribute to a higher quality of life.


  • Research suggests that social interaction in golf contributes to over 20% reduction in all-cause mortality for seniors.
  • The physical activity associated with golf, such as swinging and walking, has been linked to a 40% reduction in fall risk among elderly populations.
  • Retired golfers contribute to approximately 30% of all golf equipment and apparel purchases, indicating a strong market presence in the industry.
  • Senior golfers have been reported to walk an average of 600 to 900 miles per year if they play 36 holes a week, implying significant cardiovascular benefits.
  • Surveys reveal that over 80% of retired golfers play for recreational purposes, valuing the social and physical aspects over competition.

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How to Find the Best Golf Courses for Retired Players

If you are a retiree looking for the perfect golf course, look for courses that offer age-friendly features, such as senior tees and fairways with ample room for error. Search for local golf courses online, and read reviews by other seniors. Senior golfers can often get discounts at many courses, and they host special events. Visit the courses in person to assess the terrain and amenities, ensuring they align with your physical needs and preferences. Also, recommendations from other senior golfers are a great guide.