Dustin Johnson’s stunning fiancee Paulina Gretzky strips off for sexy selfies and asks fans to pick their favourite

DUSTIN JOHNSON’S stunning fiancee Paulina Gretzky stripped off for sexy selfies before asking fans to pick their favourite.

The cheeky golf WAG, 32, uploaded the same photo twice to Instagram as she teased putting punters.

Paulin Gretzky uploaded a sexy selfie to Instagram
Fans were asked to choose if they preferred the black-and-white or coloured version

Gretzky stared at the camera in just a pair of pants and tights as she held up her shirt seductively.

However, one snap was in colour and the other black-and-white.

This prompted Gretzky to ask her near-1million Instagram followers which one they preferred.

And this prompted a fierce debate as supporters picked their side, with most appearing to opt for the coloured picture.

Gretzky was born in Los Angeles, Califorina, and is a pop star and successful model.

She caused a stir at the Masters last year as she supported Johnson, 37, on his way to winning a second Major.

Gretzky has been with golf ace Dustin Johnson since 2013

Gretzky is a successful model and pop singer


The couple have been engaged since 2013 and have two sons together.

But they are yet to be married despite Gretzky revealing plans to get hitched last year.

She said: “I just did things my own way, I just didn’t want to listen to how everyone else viewed things.

“I fell in love with someone so fast and we just had the best thing that’s ever happened to us happen so quickly.

“This guy (Johnson) has no downtime. The stresses from getting everything ready for a wedding would take over mine and his life and what I needed to be was his teammate.

“I needed to be there for him to support him and love him and make sure he is accomplishing what he needed to do.”

Gretzky caused a stir at the Masters last year
Gretzky has talked of marriage with Johnson soon

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