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European Ryder Cup stars turn down £50million offers to join Jon Rahm’s LIV team

, European Ryder Cup stars turn down £50million offers to join Jon Rahm’s LIV team

Tommy Fleetwood and Nicolai Hojgaard reject lucrative deals

Two of Jon Rahm's Ryder Cup teammates, Tommy Fleetwood and Nicolai Hojgaard, have declined offers worth £50million to join Rahm's new LIV team. However, Tyrrell Hatton, another member of the European team, remains a target for the Saudi-backed breakaway league. Despite the ongoing merger talks with the PGA and DP World Tours, LIV is determined to strengthen its roster of players before the new season begins in Mexico on February 2.

Desperate to provide Rahm with back-up

LIV is eager to provide Rahm with strong support as he competes in Mayakoba, but they have less than two weeks to secure three teammates for him. Fleetwood, Hojgaard, and Hatton formed a successful partnership in Rome and are highly valued by LIV. The league is expected to make improved offers to all three players, who are currently participating in the Dubai Desert Classic.

European stars face loyalty test

Sources close to Fleetwood and Hojgaard have confirmed that they were approached by LIV, with Nicolai's twin brother, Rasmus, also on the league's wish list. The Saudis are determined to test the loyalty of these players, but if the Europeans hold firm, they will join other high-profile golfers like Wyndham Clark and Tony Finau in rejecting LIV's lucrative offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a professional golfer maintain their swing technique?

The routine of a professional golfer is not complete without the maintenance of their swing technique. The swing coach will guide you through the process of repetition and practice. Golfers work on their mechanics at the driving area for many hours, to make sure their movement is efficient and consistent. The golfers use video analysis software to improve their swing. Additionally, many golfers perform specific strength and flexibility exercises that support the muscle memory required to maintain an effective swing.

What would a typical pro golfer training schedule look like?

Professional golfers maintain rigorous training schedules, which are carefully crafted to address each aspect of their games. A typical training day might include a few hours of driving range work to perfect their swing, putting and chipping greens sessions, and golf-specific physical exercises. They also include mental conditioning in their training to stay focused and sharp under pressure. Golfers analyze their data to help them improve their game. They may also spend time working with a coach. Rest and recovery are important for maintaining peak performance.

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Are pro golfers more focused on mental or physical training?

Professional golfers recognize the necessity of both physical prowess and mental fortitude within their sport. Their training programs emphasize the importance of balancing the two. Mental training is equally important as physical fitness and practice to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Visualizing shots, managing anxiety and stress on the course, and strategic thinking are critical components of a pro golfer’s mental training. A golfer might work with sports psychologists to develop mental resilience and focus, which are indispensable during competitive rounds.

What muscle groups do pro golfers work out more intensely?

Pro golfers concentrate on training the muscle groups that directly influence their golf swing. The core strength is crucial for golfers to maintain balance and control their swing. Abdominal, oblique and lower back exercises should be a part of every golfer’s routine. For a strong foundation, golfers also need strong gluteal muscle and leg muscles. Flexibility and strength are needed in the arms and shoulders to guide and drive the club. Golf-specific programs are designed to target these key areas while still maintaining a healthy overall body.

Cross-training is beneficial to professional golfers.

Cross-training is indeed beneficial for professional golfers, as it aids in improving overall athleticism, prevents imbalances that could lead to injury, and keeps their training regimen diverse and engaging. Yoga, cycling and swimming are great for improving core stability and flexibility. All of these things are beneficial in golf. Cross-training activities should complement their golf training but not interfere with their performance.


  • On average, professional golfers dedicate 30 to 40 hours per week practicing various aspects of their game.
  • Approximately 65% of a pro golfer’s training time is allocated to short game practice, including putting and chipping.
  • About 70% of professional golfers report practicing in adverse weather conditions to improve their adaptability to the elements.
  • Technology such as launch monitors are used by 85% of professional golfers in their training routines.
  • An estimated 60% of professional golfers change at least one piece of their equipment each season.
  • Up to 90% of professional golfers incorporate some form of cross-training into their fitness regimen.
  • Rest days are included in 100% of the training schedules of top professional golfers to prevent burnout and injury.
  • Professional golfers under the age of 25 spend, on average, 10% more time on driving range practice compared to those over 25.

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How to Utilize Technology to Enhance Golf Training

Professional golfers can use technology to improve their game by using tools such as launch monitors and GPS devices. These technologies can track metrics such as ball speed, spin, and distance, providing insights for improvement. Video analysis software also helps to refine swing technique. Wearable fitness monitors can be used to track training intensity, recovery and ensure optimal physical conditioning.

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