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‘F***ing hell, I’ve given Tiger Woods Covid’ – Rory McIlroy opens up on ‘horrendous’ fear he infected icon at The Open

, ‘F***ing hell, I’ve given Tiger Woods Covid’ – Rory McIlroy opens up on ‘horrendous’ fear he infected icon at The Open

GOLF star Rory McIlroy has spoken about the moment he thought he had given Tiger Woods Covid-19.

McIlroy revealed that the pair were suffering from Covid symptoms a week before The 150th Open at St Andrews started.

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy had Covid before The Open at St Andrews

The Northern Irishman was staying at Adare Manor, Ireland with Woods after the JP McManus Pro-Am.

The tournament was played between the July 4-5, just over a week before The Open was due to start on July 14.

Woods was making his return to the Scottish course, but it was almost disrupted when McIlroy started to suffer from the symptoms of Covid.

McIlroy told The Independent: “Tiger needed a rest on Wednesday.

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“We had played two days of golf at Adare [Manor] and the plan was to play Ballybunion on Thursday.

“I woke up that morning feeling a bit achy but didn’t really think anything of it.

“JP [McManus] gave us his chopper and we went down with Sean and Tiger’s manager, Rob [McNamara].

“We got around fine, flew back to Adare for lunch, and as I’m getting up from the table, I’m sore and stiff and super tired.


“I said to Erica, ‘I’m feeling a bit weird. I’m just going upstairs to lie down for a bit.’

“I slept for maybe two hours and the sweat was just pouring off me, then Erica took my temperature and it was sky high. 

“I rang Tiger: ‘I’m not feeling so good here.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, I feel okay.’

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“But he texted me at 10 o’clock that night, chills, fever, and I’m like, ‘F—ing hell, I’ve just given Tiger Covid! This is horrendous!’ (laughs) So we both had Covid going into The Open.”

Luckily for the 33-year-old, Woods was still able to play at the tournament.

However, it was not the brilliant comeback that people had hoped for as the American ended his participation after two rounds.

He was given an ovation from the crowd as he made his way up the St Andrews 18th hole for perhaps the last time in his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average score for a golfer?

The average golfer shoots around 80-85 yards with their driver.

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What is the average golf score for a weekend golfer?

A beginner’s average golf score is 100. As you get better at golf, your scores improve. You’ll probably start out playing 9 holes and work up to 18.

How do I lower my handicap by 5 strokes on the golf course?

You must first improve your swing mechanics. Although you may be able to hold the club properly, if your body isn’t comfortable with the swing, it won’t give you the right feedback. Once you’ve learned how to hold the club correctly, you can focus on strengthening your flexibility and strength. Begin slowly and gradually increase your distances. As you improve your scores, you will notice a more consistent game.

Is it possible to be better by watching pros play?

Watching pro players play makes you better at video games. Studying how others play can help improve your game and allow you to learn from their mistakes. Being inspired by the best players can help you become a better player.

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Golfing is bad for you?

Golf is good for you. Golf is actually quite healthy. Studies show that golfers live longer lives than non-golfer. Golfers tend to be happier and less stressed than non-golfers.

Can I improve the game of golf by not practicing?

Practicing is essential to improving your game. If you don’t have the resources or time to drill regularly, you can still improve. Remember to always practice what you want to do. This means if you wish to play faster, then you should focus on playing fast. The same goes for if your goal is to hit the target further.


  • If you have 14 attempts and convert as little as 50% of them into Pars – you can double bogey the remaining 4 holes and still shoot 87 for your round. (
  • However, if you go in thinking that you will get all the way down to a 10, you will likely stunt your progress because your expectations are way out of line. (
  • Or that, on the greens, some 84% of putts over five feet also finish short of the hole? (
  • This means as much as 50% of your practice time. (
  • Shot Scope’s mapping data reveals 72% of danger is at the front of the green (sand or water), whereas there’s only 28% behind. (

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How To

How to improve your golf swing

How to improve your game of golf

The key to improving your golf swing is to practice. Practice makes perfect! It is important to practice every day in order to improve your game. Consistent effort is the best way to improve your golf swing. You should practice at least 5 times per week. It’s important to do this consistently so that you get results.

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It is best to start slowly when learning how golf. Start out with short shots and move on to longer shots. This will help you build strength and endurance. When you first begin playing golf, you will probably find yourself struggling to hit the ball straight. Keep working hard and you will eventually improve your golf swing.

Practice swinging from different stances and positions. Try hitting the ball while standing still, then moving forward and back. Then, walk backwards as you hit the ball. Next, you can run and hit the ball. Each swing requires a different stance or position. These exercises will allow you to discover the right stance for you. Once you have a good idea of which stance and what position is best for you, you can apply them in actual games.

Keep track of your progress. Keep track of your progress to see where you can improve. Write down everything you practice doing. Keep track of the number of times you practice and record your score. You can use this information to assess your progress.

Learn from a professional instructor to improve your golf swing. A qualified instructor can show you how to improve your game and teach you proper technique. They can help choose the right equipment for you. You will be more successful if someone is skilled in their field.

Golf is one of the most beloved sports today. Millions of people participate in the sport every year. There are many things you can do to help you play better golf. These tips include improving your short game, reading greens and practicing your swing.

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