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Former Golf Star Anthony Kim Set to Make Shock Return After 12-Year Hiatus

, Former Golf Star Anthony Kim Set to Make Shock Return After 12-Year Hiatus

Anthony Kim, the American golf sensation, is gearing up to make a surprising comeback to the sport after a whopping 12 years away. The 38-year-old has been absent from the golf scene since 2012 following an Achilles injury.

Tiger Woods Praises Kim's Talent

Kim, who was once hailed as a potential successor to Tiger Woods, was the youngest member of the US' 2008 Ryder Cup team at just 23 years old. During his absence, Kim achieved almost legendary status among fans, leaving many wondering if they would ever see him play again.

Return to the Green

This weekend, Kim is set to make his comeback at the LIV Golf event in Jeddah. With three wins under his belt by the age of 25 and a spot in the world's top ten, peaking at No. 6 in September 2008, Kim's return is highly anticipated by golf enthusiasts.

Challenges and Comeback Plans

Before his hiatus, Kim faced a decline in form, leading to his disappearance from the PGA Tour in 2012. In a rare interview in 2015, he cited multiple injuries as the reason for stepping away from the game to focus on recovery.

, Former Golf Star Anthony Kim Set to Make Shock Return After 12-Year Hiatus

Excitement in the Golf Community

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, expressed his excitement at Kim's return, highlighting his incredible talent and the opportunity for a fresh start in the sport. The upcoming event in Jeddah offers a substantial $20m prize pot, adding to the anticipation surrounding Kim's comeback.

Reactions from Fellow Golfers

Rory McIlroy, a prominent figure in the golfing world, voiced his eagerness to see Kim back in action, stating that the tour was more vibrant with him in it. With high expectations and hopes pinned on Kim, fans are eager to witness his performance after over a decade away from professional golf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment does a retiree require to play golf?

A retiree who is looking to begin playing golf should have a basic set that includes a putter, a driver, two woods, an iron and a wedge. Select clubs that are geared towards beginners or seniors. These often have a more flexible shaft for ease of use. Comfortable golf shoes, gloves to improve grip, and appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions are also essential. As players improve, they may consider purchasing specialized equipment that suits their personal game style.

Golfing can help retirees to maintain their social life.

Golf can be a social activity that enhances the lives of retired people. Its inherent social aspect allows for new friendships to be formed and the opportunity to meet other people. In order to increase social interaction and camaraderie with peers, many retirees participate in golf tournaments, join leagues or play regularly. This aspect of the game can be a great way to reduce loneliness, and enhance your life.

What should retirees consider when choosing a golf course to play regularly?

Golf courses should be chosen according to the physical and skill levels of retirees. It may be easier for older players to navigate courses with flatter terrain. Also, shorter course distances can make them more enjoyable. The accessibility of amenities like restrooms and shaded spaces is essential. Additionally, looking for courses with senior-friendly programs, discounts, and social clubs can enhance the retired golfer’s experience and provide opportunities for engagement and friendship.

How, if ever, does golf etiquette vary for seniors?

All age groups are expected to follow the same golf etiquette, which emphasizes respect for the other players, course and game. Seniors, like all golfers, are expected to keep up with the pace of play, repair divots, rake bunkers, and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. When mobility issues are affecting the pace of play, it is polite to allow other groups to continue. Understanding and adhering to etiquette ensures a pleasant experience for everyone on the course.

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Can you recommend a frequency of golf play that will maximize the benefits for retired people?

Regular golfing, at least one to two times a week is recommended. This frequency allows retirees to reap the health benefits without overexerting themselves. Consistency maintains muscle memory, and helps develop skills. Listening to the body is important. It’s also important to ensure that you are getting enough rest. Overplaying, in particular, can lead to injury, particularly for those who have not been doing regular physical activities.


  • Golf has seen a 15% increase in participation among retirees over the past decade, illustrating the sport’s growing appeal to this age group.
  • Golf is known to burn around 400 to 600 calories per round, and with retirees playing multiple rounds per week, it contributes positively to their caloric control.
  • Surveys reveal that over 80% of retired golfers play for recreational purposes, valuing the social and physical aspects over competition.
  • Research suggests that social interaction in golf contributes to over 20% reduction in all-cause mortality for seniors.
  • Retired golfers contribute to approximately 30% of all golf equipment and apparel purchases, indicating a strong market presence in the industry.

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The Best Golf Courses to Play for Retired Players

Retirees who are looking for a great golf course should search for facilities that include age-friendly features like senior tees on the fairways, accessible facilities, and forgiving fairways. Search for local golf courses online, and read reviews by other seniors. Many courses offer discounts for seniors and hold events specifically designed for the older player. Assess the terrain, amenities and other features of the courses to ensure they are suitable for your needs. Word-of-mouth suggestions from senior golfers may also be helpful.



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