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From Morrisons Delivery Driver to Golf Pro: Joe Dean’s £170k Win!

Life-Changing Win

Golfer and former Morrisons delivery driver, Joe Dean, secured a "life-changing" prize of £170,000 at the Kenya Open, finishing joint-second in Nairobi.

A Remarkable Journey

Just days before his big win, Dean was delivering groceries for Morrisons. Unable to afford the costs of competing, he continued working until qualifying for the DP World Tour in 2023.

Dreams Turned Reality

Despite initial setbacks, Dean's hard work paid off as he earned £170k at the Kenya Open. Reflecting on his win, he described it as "life-changing" and a dream come true.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a golfer’s age affect their training?

As professional golfers grow older, they typically adapt their training to match the body’s changes and evolving capabilities. While focusing on core stability, flexibility and joint-friendly exercise, the emphasis may shift toward a greater focus. Golfers with more experience can train smarter by focusing on the short game, course management and recovery. The seasoned golfer will rely on more precision and strategy than just power. They’ll adjust their training and approach to the sport accordingly.

Does cross-training benefit professional golfers?

Cross-training for golfers is beneficial, as it improves athleticism. This prevents imbalances and injuries. Exercises like swimming, yoga, and cycling improve flexibility, core stability, and cardiovascular fitness. All these are useful in golf. The cross-training exercises are carefully chosen to complement the primary golf training of each player and not interfere in their game or swing.

How do pro golfers prepare for a tournament?

It is important to prepare for a tournament in a holistic way, which includes mental and physical aspects. The pros arrive at the course days before the tournament to familiarize themselves with the layout and challenges that may be present. They will practice their short game and adjust their gear as necessary. Physically, the players will ensure that they are in top condition and have a good rest. Mentally, they can use visualization techniques to establish a calm and positive mindset.

How do professional Golfers Practice their Putting?

For professional golfers, putting practice is an important part of their daily routine. This is because the results of tournaments can be influenced by a player’s ability to putt. Golfers focus on technique as well as the ability to accurately read greens when they practice putting at different distances. Many drills are used to increase consistency. For example, repeating putts with a specific distance. Some might use alignment tools and putting aids to sharpen their precision. These drills are repeated under different conditions to help players develop a consistent putting stroke.


  • An estimated 60% of professional golfers change at least one piece of their equipment each season.
  • Studies show that consuming a balanced diet is a priority for 95% of professional golfers as part of their training protocol.
  • It is estimated that back pain affects up to 34% of pro golfers, making it one of the most common injuries in golf.
  • Nearly 40% of professional golfers update their swing analysis software at least once every two years to stay at the forefront of technology.
  • Statistical data indicates that around 50% of pro golfers have experienced a golf-related injury due to overtraining.
  • A survey suggests that 75% of pro golfers use a sports psychologist to aid with mental training and performance.
  • About 70% of professional golfers report practicing in adverse weather conditions to improve their adaptability to the elements.
  • Professional golfers under the age of 25 spend, on average, 10% more time on driving range practice compared to those over 25.

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How to develop a golf-specific fitness regime

Developing a golf-specific fitness regimen should focus on exercises that enhance mobility, stability, and power relevant to golf. Lower body exercises build a solid base while core exercises help improve rotational strength, which is crucial for the golf swing. Yoga and dynamic stretching will improve your flexibility. Plyometrics exercises can be used to increase explosive power and help you hit longer drives. A fitness professional can tailor a golf program to fit the individual goals and needs of pro players.