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Golfer Joost Luiten Has Meltdown After Getting Clubs Stuck in Tree During Dubai Tournament

What Happened?

Golfer Joost Luiten had a meltdown during the final round of the DP Tour in Dubai after getting three clubs stuck in a tree. The Dutchman had already thrown his driver into the tree in frustration after a bogey on the previous hole, but things got worse when his TaylorMade club also got stuck.

The Hilarious Effort

Luiten's caddie attempted to climb the tree to retrieve the clubs, but was unsuccessful. The golfer then took matters into his own hands and threw two of his irons at the tree, hoping to bring the driver down. Unfortunately, both irons also got stuck. Luiten even tried using a signpost as a last-ditch effort.

No Laughing Matter

While onlookers found the situation amusing, Luiten was not happy. In frustration, he kicked his bag and proceeded to play the rest of the final hole with only 11 clubs.

The Happy Ending

Fortunately, a volunteer and Luiten's pregnant wife Melanie-Jane came to the rescue and retrieved the lost clubs. Despite the ordeal, Luiten finished in 48th place out of a 50-man field.

Luiten's Response

After the tournament, Luiten spoke about the incident, saying, "I had just made bogey at the eighth. I was frustrated, one of those weeks when nothing went my way. Lost it and threw my driver and it got stuck up a tree. That sums up my week nicely. I tried to get it out by throwing some other clubs at it and [two] other clubs got stuck up the tree so I couldn’t get them out."

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