Ian Poulter settles nerves as he nails drive on first tee at Ryder Cup… despite heart rate at staggering 133

IAN POULTER settled nerves as he nailed his drive on the first tee at the Ryder Cup.

That’s despite recording a heart rate of 133 beats per minute!

Ian Poulter nailed his first drive of the Ryder Cup… despite his heart rate reaching 133 BPM

The golf legend took to the grass to tee off in his match alongside Rory McIlroy on Friday.

And Poulter looked completely composed as he blasted the ball with a ferocious drive.

However, viewers couldn’t believe it when his heart rate showed a BPM of 133 – having just been on 118.

One said: “His heart rate jumped from 118 to 133 when he stepped on… Still hit a nice tee shot.”

Another wrote: “I want to see what Poulter’s heart rate is now.”

One tweeted: “Heart rate monitor on Poulter on that first tee shot was tremendous, watching it rise every moment until he took a swing.”


Another added: “Watching the heart rate of these players rise as they step up to the tee is fascinating.”

Speaking exclusively to SunSport this week, Poulter revealed he becomes a ‘physical wreck’ due to emotions running high at the Ryder Cup.

He said: “After each one I play in, I am a physical wreck for three weeks afterwards.

“Emotionally, mentally, these are the most incredible three days to play through. I can’t get out of bed. I’m spent. I’ll have cold sores, look and feel a total mess. My body will have had enough.

“I might look like I have all the energy in the world on Sunday afternoons, when the singles are on. But by the following Tuesday I am a shell of a man. I’ve given my all.”

Teammate Paul Casey added: “Poults is the guy all the Americans want to beat — but they don’t manage it very often, do they?


“I don’t know what makes him tick, but he is unique. He’s the glue for this team.

“We don’t lack energy, and we’ll always be a very unified team, but he just adds to it so much more.

“You don’t see what we get to see in a team room and in the locker room, and this morning he just rolled through and you can just see that bounce in the step.”

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