Inside stunning Paige Spiranac’s modern golf den where she runs through diet and reveals CBD changed her life

GOLF beauty Paige Spiranac has been keeping on top of her game from home during the coronavirus crisis.

Like everyone else, the Instagram star is stuck inside longing to go out and play.

Stunning Spiranac has told fans how she is keeping busy while in lockdown
The golfer has been working on her swing indoors

But she has made the most of a bad situation by working on her swing and stroke inside the confines of her home – which looks more like a secret golf den.

Spiranac, who has 2.5 million Instagram followers, recently pulled off an impressive cleavage trick shot while hanging out at home.

But now she has told her fans how CBD oil changed her life – and what she eats to stay in shape.

She said: “CBD’s a miracle. It’s helped my relationship, my sleeping and my mood. It’s helped my quality of life.

“I don’t know what I would do without Medterra [company who make CBD oil] in my life.”

Spiranac even goes so far as to say she “lives and dies” by CBD oil – which is a liquid extract from the marijuana plant.

Spiranac said using CBD oil has made her feel much better at coping with anxiety

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You can’t really see it but I’m holding my putter so this is in fact golf content #golf #golflife #golfsohard #seriousgolfer

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Hi 🥰

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Selfie first. Making my bed second. Priorities ya know😬 #messyhairdontcare

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She added: “I feel like myself without the anxiety. When I was on medication, I didn’t feel like myself. I hated that.

“With this I feel a little bit more calm. Now I take my ‘liquid gold’, my liquid CBD, and I feel so much better.”

Spiranac – who recently opened up on her leaked naked photo hell – last year hit out at critics who constantly commented on her weight.

She said: “I lose weight, I’m told I’m too skinny. I gain weight, I’m told I’m too fat.

“I don’t wear make up, I’m told I look sick. I wear makeup, I’m told natural is better.

“I could go on and on. So I’ve basically learned to not give a s***.”

But talking about her tactic of intermittent fasting, Spiranac, who claims men have dated her just to get free golf lessons, said: “I start eating at 11am and I end eating at 7pm.

“I did it for three and a half weeks and I saw really good changes. I sleep better and my body feels better. It’s fun to mix it up.”

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