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Jon Rahm Reveals Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s Reactions to $500M LIV Golf Move

, Jon Rahm Reveals Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s Reactions to $500M LIV Golf Move

McIlroy's Support vs. Woods' Silence

Jon Rahm recently disclosed the contrasting reactions he received from golfing legends Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy regarding his $500million move to LIV Golf. While McIlroy has been openly supportive of Rahm's decision, Woods has remained notably silent.

McIlroy's Public and Private Support

Rahm shared that McIlroy has not only been supportive of his move to LIV Golf publicly but also privately. The Spaniard emphasized the backing he received from his friend and business partner in this significant career decision.

Woods' Lack of Response

In contrast, Rahm revealed that he has not heard from Tiger Woods following his high-profile departure from the PGA Tour. Despite reaching out to Woods personally, Rahm stated that the golf icon did not engage much with the news of his move to the Saudi-backed tournament.

McIlroy's Call for Change

On the other hand, McIlroy not only supported Rahm but also advocated for adjustments to Ryder Cup rules to ensure Rahm's eligibility for the 2025 tournament. The Irish golfer expressed a shift in his perspective on players joining LIV Golf and acknowledged differing circumstances.

, Jon Rahm Reveals Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s Reactions to $500M LIV Golf Move

Frequently Asked Questions

How do professional golfers get ready for a tournament or event?

It is important to prepare for a tournament in a holistic way, which includes mental and physical aspects. Days in advance, pro golfers will arrive to familiarize themselves and their equipment with the course’s layout. The pro golfers will adjust their equipment and spend time practicing the short game. They also develop a solid strategy. Physically, they’ll ensure they are well-rested and in peak condition, while mentally, they may engage in visualization techniques and focus on establishing a calm, positive mindset.

Can pro golfers train too much?

Overtraining is a real risk for professional golfers. Excessive practice can cause physical injuries, such as tendinitis, or mental burnout. It’s essential for golfers to listen to their bodies, prioritize recovery time, and maintain a balanced training schedule. Quantity is not as important as quality, and the emphasis is on deliberate, focused practice. Rest days are strategically included in their schedules to allow the body to recuperate and to keep the mind sharp.

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What part does technology play in the training and development of professional golfers?

The use of technology is an integral part of the training arsenal for professional golfers. Advancements such as high-speed cameras provide slow-motion analysis of the swing, while launch monitors give detailed feedback on ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, and more. The data allows golfers and their coaches to make more informed choices about equipment and swing mechanics. Wearable fitness devices track physiological data to tailor fitness programs and monitor recovery. Virtual reality and simulators can provide immersive practice environments when the weather is not ideal.

What is course management and its importance in golfer training for professional players?

It goes beyond athleticism or swing technique. Course management is a vital part of pro golfers’ training. Making strategic decisions based on different risk-reward scenarios is part of course management. During golf training, a player learns how to evaluate wind conditions and hazards. With the help of an experienced caddy or golf coach, golfers develop game plans that take advantage of their strengths while avoiding their weaknesses. This skill is as crucial as their physical abilities.


  • An estimated 60% of professional golfers change at least one piece of their equipment each season.
  • Pro golfers over the age of 35 tend to dedicate at least 20% more time to flexibility training than their younger counterparts.
  • Rest days are included in 100% of the training schedules of top professional golfers to prevent burnout and injury.
  • Nearly 40% of professional golfers update their swing analysis software at least once every two years to stay at the forefront of technology.
  • Nearly 80% of professional golfers engage in regular physical fitness programs designed specifically for golf.
  • Approximately 65% of a pro golfer’s training time is allocated to short game practice, including putting and chipping.
  • On average, professional golfers dedicate 30 to 40 hours per week practicing various aspects of their game.
  • About 70% of professional golfers report practicing in adverse weather conditions to improve their adaptability to the elements.

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How to Manage Courses as a Pro-Golfer

To master course management you need to analyse each hole and determine the best approach. You should also take into account wind conditions, hazards and pin positions. Professional golfers should play practice rounds to familiarize themselves with the course layout. Keeping detailed notes on yardages and slopes can assist in decision-making during play. Course management is about discipline, which means sticking to the plan and playing to your strengths.



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