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Jon Rahm reveals two secrets behind his Masters win after beating LIV Golf rivals to four shot win

, Jon Rahm reveals two secrets behind his Masters win after beating LIV Golf rivals to four shot win

JON RAHM has revealed the secrets to Masters glory – think like a goldfish and get a Spanish passport!

Rahm romped to a four shot victory at Augusta on what would have been the 66th birthday of his golfing hero, Seve Ballesteros, becoming the fourth Spanish golfer to pull on the coveted green jacket.

Jon Rahm proudly holds his trophy after his Masters triumph

And the man who used to have such an explosive temper that he recruited a bomb disposal expert to help put a lid on it, explained why he was calmness personified as he saw off LIV rebels Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson.

Rahm, 28, said he bought into the notion put forward on American comedy series Ted Lasso – a football coach who tells his team goldfish only have ten second memories, and they have to forget about any mistakes just as quickly.

Rahm grinned: “I love the Ted Lasso goldfish philosophy, and as someone who used to be very temperamental and often very angry on the course I find it very soothing.

“Of course, getting married and becoming a dad twice over has also helped with that. And I have been given some good advice along the way.”

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One of the men who helped Rahm conquer his anger issues was his long-time mental coach Joseba del Carmen, a former bomb disposal genius.

Rahm’s blissful home life with college sweetheart Kelley and young sons Kepa and Eneko boosted the transformation, and they were there to greet him at the 18th green – along with his parents – as he holed the final putt.

It was a second Major title for Rahm, following his 2021 US Open victory, and as well as reclaiming the world No 1 spot he banked a cool £2.6million.

And he was delighted to have rounded off in the swashbuckling style double Masters champion Ballesteros was famous for, before he died of brain cancer in 2011, aged just 54.

Rahm was greeted by college sweetheart wife Kelley

Rahm carved his final drive into the trees and it dropped down barely a hundred yards from the tree. He then laid up well short of the green, clipped a wedge to four feet, and sank the putt!

He grinned: “To finish it off the way I did – with an unusual par, very much a Seve par, in a way it was a testament to him. I know he was pulling for me today, and it was a great Sunday.

“To win on his birthday, 40 years after his second win, it meant so much to me.

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“Pretty much every great-name Spanish player has won here – Seve, of course, Jose Maria Olazabal, Sergo Garcia, and it is an honour to join that group.

“There’s got to be something here about having a Spanish passport, I don’t know, there’s something about the grounds that transmits into all of us.

“And the support I got was pretty incredible all throughout. I kept hearing, ‘Seve! Seve! Seve! Do it for Seve!’ I heard that the entire back nine.


“That might have been the hardest thing to control, the emotion of knowing what it could mean if I were to win on such a significant day.

“So this one was for Seve. He was up there helping, and help he did.”
Olazabal revealed that the significance of a Rahm victory had been a hot topic when they played a practice round with Garcia a couple of days before the tournament began.

Olazabal, who also hugged Rahm on the 18th, wearing his green jacket, explained: “Sergio and I were both saying there could be no better time for Jon to join us as Masters champions than this week.

“Sometimes you just feel that the stars are aligned for something special to happen. This was one of those times.

“Jon is an incredible talent. I first saw that when he was a 14 year boy – I say a boy, but he was already like a man then, much bigger than me, hitting the ball miles, and stacked with muscles. He was a Rahmbo even then!

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“I told him on the 18th that this is just the first of many Masters titles for him, and I firmly believe that to be true.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible that a professional Golfer can make a living from the game?

Yes, it is possible to make some money as a pro golfer. You have to put in a lot of work and be dedicated. There are pros who make millions of dollars every year.

How can I reduce my golf score by five strokes

First, you need to improve your swing mechanics. You probably know how to hold the club correctly, but if you don’t feel comfortable swinging the club properly, you won’t get the proper feedback from your body. Once you’ve mastered the step, you should work to improve your strength as well as flexibility. You can start slowly, gradually increasing your distances. As you get better scores, your game will become consistent.

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What is the best shot in golf?

The most important shot a golfer can make is the putt. Because it takes so much skill to hit the ball perfectly, if you fail at putting, you’re likely to lose the hole (and possibly the game).

Is it possible to be better by watching pros play?

Watching pro players play makes you better at video games. By watching how professional players play, you can improve your game. You can also learn from their mistakes. It is also a great way to get inspired by professional gamers and learn how you can improve your game.

How can I make money playing the game of golf?

Absolutely! You have many options to make extra money as a professional golfer. You could offer lessons, sell merchandise, host tournaments, or even take part in celebrity events.

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How can I improve my playing ability in just a few hours?

Your best bet for improving your golf game is to practice 20 minutes per days, three times a weeks. Practice consistently if your goal is to play well in every tournament. Practice makes perfect!


  • The blade aim at impact controls 92% of the ball’s start line, so prioritise face aim as a place to start (
  • Or that, on the greens, some 84% of putts over five feet also finish short of the hole? (
  • However, if you go in thinking that you will get all the way down to a 10, you will likely stunt your progress because your expectations are way out of line. (
  • Shot Scope’s mapping data reveals 72% of danger is at the front of the green (sand or water), whereas there’s only 28% behind. (
  • According to Shot Scope’s database of more than 30 million shots, 80% of missed greens are missed short. (

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How To

How to Improve My Putting Skills?

You can improve your putting by practicing. You should first get good instruction from someone who is experienced. If you don’t know anyone who’s willing to give you lessons, then check out our article about how to find golf instructors. Ask them if they offer private lessons once you have found someone you like. You’ll want to look at their schedule so you don’t end up scheduling something conflicting with another lesson.

If you’re looking for a pro shop where you can rent clubs, try one of these shops: Golf Galaxy, PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Cobra, Ping GOLF, Wilson, Nike, FootJoy, Scotty Cameron, and many others.

Once you have received some instruction, it is time to begin practicing. You have two options. You can buy a set or putters to practice hitting balls into holes. This is great because you can use different types of putters (long irons, mid irons, wedges) depending on which type of shots you feel most comfortable with. It is important to practice enough to be proficient in putting without spending a lot on equipment.

Another way to practice is to play mini games online. Some sites let you compete against players around the world, while others just allow you to practice your short game. You can play Putt-Putt on many sites. In this game, you have to hit the ball into a hole. TopGolf and StrokePlay are just a few of the other sites.

Once you have enough practice, you can move on the next step of improving your putting. The next step would be to improve your technique. To do this, focus on three areas in your putting stroke: alignment, grip, and stance.

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Stance is the distance you are from the ball when you approach it. The most common mistake beginner’s make is to be too close. As you face the ball, your body should be away from it until you start moving forward. Your feet should be at shoulder width and slightly bent.

You should have your hands open and relaxed. Your hands shouldn’t be closed. Instead, put your hands on your shoulders.

Your arms must be straight and not locked down. They should stay loose throughout the entire putting stroke.

Alignment is the amount of rotation your hips make as you move through the shot. People tend to rotate their hips too often, which makes it difficult for them to align correctly. Your knees may bend slightly when you are aiming for the target. As you swing through this shot, your hips turn toward the target.

Grip refers the position of your fingers on a clubface. Many people have difficulty grasping the club properly. When you address the putt, your index finger should rest on the bottom edge of the face, while your middle finger rests on the top edge. Your pinky finger should be above the handle line, and your ring finger should rest on the shaft.

You may also want to consider buying a new putter. A new model might help your game, even though all putters don’t work the same.

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