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Meet Paige Spiranac’s secret sister Lexie, the heptathlete and Taekwondo black belt who golf stunner is jealous of

PAIGE SPIRANAC has an older sister Lexie, who is a heptathlete and Taekwondo black belt.

The golf stunner even admitted to being jealous of her sibling.

Paige (left) and Lexie (right) are sisters

Paige used to be jealous of her sibling

Paige Spiranac has 3.7million followers on Instagram

The golf stunner has an OnlyFans page

Paige has 3.7million adoring followers on social media and she is no stranger to getting them hot under the collar with revealing snaps.

But she remains envious of her sister due to a fierce sibling rivalry while growing up.

Paige explained: “The thing about Lexie is that she’s extremely smart.

“She was a black belt in Taekwondo. She’s taller than me. She’s stronger than me. And so I never had any advantage over her.

“I couldn’t fight her because she would literally kill me. I think I was jealous of you. Because dad pretty much raised you. You had a lot more freedom than I had.”

While the blonde bombshell made her way up the ranks as a young golfer, her older sister of three years was a top heptathlete and at the prestigious Stanford University in California.

This didn’t stop Lexie being as equally bitter towards Paige, revealing: “I was jealous of you because of the attention mum and dad gave you because of your exceptional abilities in sports. That was my problem.

“Mum didn’t understand High School. So when I got into Stanford nobody knew it was a big deal.

“So I think I was a little jealous that mum related to you more because she understood that kind of achievement and she didn’t really understand test scores.”

The Spiranac sisters now work together, building the 35-year-old’s brand.

Paige said: “For people who don’t know, Lexie is part of my team. She works with me. We pretty much communicate every single day about business.”

Lexie added: “I’m kind of business manager, but I make sure this ship stays afloat. Paige is a media company.

“It’s always kind of hard to explain [my job] because no one’s ever done this in golf.”

Paige Spiranac is no stranger to wowing fans with revealing snaps

Paige nearly made it as a pro golfer

Paige used to be jealous of how smart Lexie is

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you improve your golf game in a matter of hours?

The best way to improve your golf game overnight is to practice for 20 minutes per day, three times a week. If you want to be able to play well at any tournament, then you need to practice consistently. Practice makes perfect!

What is the best shot in golf?

The putt is the most crucial shot for golfers. You must have great skill to hit the ball accurately, or you could lose the hole.

How can I reduce my golf score by five strokes

First, you need to improve your swing mechanics. While you might be proficient at holding the club correctly, your body will not feel the same way. Once you have mastered this step you will want to work on increasing your strength and flexibility. Begin slow and work your way up to faster distances. You’ll find your game becomes more consistent as you strive for higher scores.

Is it really necessary to join a club in order to golf?

You don’t have to be a member of the golf course. However, having a membership does provide you with access to all the facilities at the course, such as driving ranges, putting greens, and locker rooms.

Is golfing bad for me?

No, golf is not bad for you. In fact, it’s very healthy. Studies show that golfers live longer lives than non-golfer. They are happier because they tend to have less stress.

Can I improve my golf game without practicing?

It is vital to practice regularly if you want to improve your game. If you don’t have the resources or time to drill regularly, you can still improve. Keep in mind that you should always strive to practice what you have set out to do. If you want to play faster, you need to focus on playing fast. If you want to hit the target farther, you should also focus on hitting the target further.


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  • Shot Scope’s mapping data reveals 72% of danger is at the front of the green (sand or water), whereas there’s only 28% behind. (

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How to Improve Your Golf Game

How to improve your game of golf

Practice is key to improving your game. Practice makes perfect! Practice every day to improve your golf swing. You must work hard if you want to see improvements. You should practice at least 5 times per week. It’s important to do this consistently so that you get results.

Learning how to play the game of golf should be slow. Start with short shots, then work your way up to longer shots. This will help to increase your strength and endurance. You may struggle to hit the golf ball straight when you first start playing. If you persevere, you’ll eventually master the art of golf swing.

Practice swinging in different stances. Try hitting the ball while standing still, then moving forward and back. You can also try walking backwards and hitting the ball with your feet. Finally, try hitting the ball while running. Each of these swings require a different stance and position. These exercises can help you determine which stance or position is most effective for you. Once you have a good idea of which stance and what position is best for you, you can apply them in actual games.

Keep track of your progress. Tracking your progress will help you identify areas for improvement. Note everything that you have done. Keep track of how often you practice and note your score. Use this data to determine whether or not you are making progress.

Take lessons from a professional instructor if you have trouble with your swing. A qualified instructor will show you the proper technique and offer tips to help improve your game. You can also get advice from them on choosing the right equipment. You will be more successful if someone is skilled in their field.

Golf is a very popular sport today. Millions of people take part in the sport each year. There are many things you could do to improve your playing of golf. These tips include improving your short game, reading greens and practicing your swing.